March 27, 2017

Abbotsford Engagement Photos: Mat and Stacey

We rescheduled their engagement photos three times because of POURING rain, and the day we finally did their photos, it fell in SNOW!! We met at the top of Sumas Mountain and I got to catch up with them! I know Stacey from UFV Volleyball and had met Mat a few times at Volleyball reunions and parties!!

These two have the most adorable 2 year old boy, and while Stacey was pregnant, we spent a few weeks planning their maternity photos, only have her go into labour the weekend we were supposed to do the photos! So after their engagement photos got cancelled three times I started to get a tad worried! But all it did was set us up with AMAZING snowy weather for their photos! I am so glad we waited!

These two are such an incredible couple. They have the kind of relationship that seems effortless. They laugh so easily together, tease each other constantly and they truly seem like best friends.

My faavourite, although perhaps not Stacey’s favourite, part of their photos was when I asked them to throw some snow up in the air and then cuddle/kiss underneath! Mat picked up some snow, and in his excitement threw it RIGHT into Stacey’s face. And not a light throw either. A solid aggressive throw right into the face! haha he laughed so hard and poor Stacey was such a good sport!! And they had some good cuddles after :)

Mat and Stacey I can’t WAIT for your wedding and to celebrate with you guys!!!!



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