August 16, 2016

Triple Swaan Wedding: Tyson and Shelby

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In my mind, Tyson and Shelby are both my cousins. But not in the creepy way at all. Tyson is biologically my cousin, but him and Shelby have been together for so long that in my mind Shelby has been a part of our family for years and because we all fell in love with her pretty much from day one, we just started calling her our cousin in hopes Tyson would make it official. We are so so so grateful he did! These two together are just the best.

They both love country music and camo. They both are madly in love with their dog, and come from the two most amazing families! (I’m only slightly biased towards Tyson’s family) They’ve had YEARS to fall in love, having met in Kindergarten and dating for almost 8 years!!

Tyson is the first cousin I remember being born! He is the first cousin I remember as a baby. The first cousin I remember being excited about getting and then realizing babies aren’t really as much fun as I thought they would be. Thankfully he grew up and got the best mullet I’ve ever seen ;) He started playing hockey and it was always a highlight for us when his team would play my brothers and we got to go watch them together!

He’s followed in his Dad’s footsteps for his career in construction and I love his snapchats from the worksite! He has been to more NASCAR races than anyone I know and he adores Shelby.

Shelby, Shelby, Shelby. You’ve been a part of our family for years already and we are so glad it’s officially official. Your outspoken and funny personality warms up any room and we just adore your you in every single way. We literally couldn’t have asked for a better cousin! :)

Their wedding was the most fun ever. Shelby got ready at my parents house in Abbotsford and my sister is the amazing stylist behind Shelby’s hair AND makeup! (And the chalkboard signs below!) It was the first wedding all three of my siblings and I had been to together where none of us was the one getting married!! We hit the dance floor early on and never really left. Our Uncle Daryl has the BEST taste in music and I have a feeling he built most of the playlists! It’s no surprise I come from an emotional family, and Uncle Daryl and Aunty Debbie had the most emotional first dance ever. I love seeing where I get some of my sentimentality from as they had me take a photo of them with their wedding party from 20-something years ago! There is so much more I could say about their day, but that would be more than any blogpost could hold.

Tyson and Shelby, I love you two so much! Your day was one of the best! :)

Triple Swaan Nursery Wedding (11) Triple Swaan Nursery Wedding (12) Triple Swaan Nursery Wedding (13) Triple Swaan Nursery Wedding (14)

My entire family was at the wedding with NO KIDS! So we got a quick photo of us all!

My Aunty Debbie and Uncle Daryl’s wedding party from their wedding!!!

Our entire family!!! (Just missing Matt!)

…and my Dad and his crazy siblings haha

LOVE you Shelby! Realized I never got a photo with Tyson!!! Do over! ;)

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