March 2, 2017

Cascade Falls Engagement Photos: Seb and Teagan

Seb and Teagan are just about the cutest couple I’ve ever met. I’ve known Seb since he was one of the other boys on my brothers hockey team. We loved watching their hockey games and sitting with Seb’s parents! Today he is taller than me and madly in love with this AMAZING woman! Teagan, you are beautiful inside and out, and you are marrying into the best family!

When I heard they were engaged and Seb messaged me to ask if I would be up for doing their engagement photos I was SO excited to see him again and meet Teagan! In the car ride up to Cascade Falls, they¬†asked me if I had any advice for couples getting married young. I stumbled a bit, there’s just so much to say….how hard it will be, how you’ll have more fun than you’ve ever had before in your entire life, how great that feeling is of getting to cuddle up in bed with them every night and how you’ve had the amazing opportunity to chose your family. It made me so excited for them to be starting their journey!

Once we got to Cascade Falls, I gave them my engagement session shpiel and this first photo is the FIRST PHOTO I TOOK!! Usually it takes couples a bit to warm up because lets face it, having your photo taken is awkward! It’s not something that happens that often and it’s hard to know what to do with your hands, and how to relax and open up and be yourself. But these two seriously were comfortable right from the get go!! And so in love. The cuddles, and laughter and kisses! I loved it!

Seb and Teagan it meant SO MUCH to me that you asked me to photograph you both!! I am so excited for you guys to start your marriage and I wish you guys all the best!




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