March 22, 2017

Cathedral Grove Engagement Photos: Travis and Marisa

“And at the end of the day your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling”

I met  my cousin-in-law and her fiance just outside Parksville for their engagement photos and was so excited to see them! Travis and Marisa are so adventurous! The weather forecast wasn’t looking super promising and it had POURED the day before but they were up for anything! Marisa showed up in the GREATEST outfit ever! I am so in love with her skirt!! I love that she had no problem walking through mud and climbing fences, and splashing in puddles in that outfit too!! An outfit should never hinder your ability to adventure!

They took me on a tour of their most favourite places on the island, starting with the most amazing waterfalls! With the amount of rain the island had over the previous weeks the water was rushing!! It was beautiful! It was lightly raining, but these two climbed over a massive fence and climbed down and out to these rocks to get closer to the waterfall! So worth it!

From there we went to Cameron Lake and the wind picked up and we even got a glimpse of the mountains!! :) Our last stop was at Cathedral Grove and it was GORGEOUS! Massive trees, and a winding trail, and huge mud puddles haha. They had no problems trampling through them and wading through ferns to good photo spots!

About 3/4 of the way through, Travis said he had a surprise for Marisa. She got so excited, but then that turned to confusion and worry when he started unbuttoning his shirt. haha even I was wondering “what the heck is this surprise?!!?” Marisa started laughing as soon as he showed off his “this guy LOVES his fiance” tshirt!! Such a cute surprise!!!

These two have been through a lot in their lives, and seeing how happy they are together is the best. They’re so goofy and lighthearted and so obviously in love. They take every chance to show each other how much they care, and they’re so attentive to each other!

I can’t WAIT for their wedding!!!! Based on the last family wedding, I can only guess how packed the dance floor will be! :)



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