July 10, 2017

Chilliwack Engagement Photos: Derek and Christina

These right here are two of my favourite people in the entire world. Like they get extra long hugs with a little wiggle favourite people.

I met Derek 13 years ago at UFV. He was on the men’s volleyball team and I was on the women’s team. Him and Marco hit it off as friends, and everyone who knew Derek loved him. He is just seriously one of the most darn loveable people I’ve ever met. He’s like a 7 year old boy in a grown man’s body. He has this passionate love of life, and when you talk to him, he genuinely listens and remembers and wants to know more about you and your life. He’s so positive, and anyone who spends 5 minutes talking to the guy, walks away happier. The memories me and Marco have with Derek are ones we will cherish forever, they’re ones we bring up often and often wish we could go back and relive them! From drinking out of a mixing bowl at a party, to being a groomsman in Marco’s wedding party, to so many Sunpeaks trips and pool parties!

For the last few years, I’ve been SO fortunate to have Derek as my physiotherapist too!! He’s amazing at his job and I am so bummed he made the good decision to move his practice closer to where he lives. I guess an hours drive to work wasn’t worth it ;) (and there’s so many UFV alumni who are physio’s I found an equally amazing one!) But I do miss our twice a month catch up chats!!

The volleyball crew is a tight knit family, and us girls team was always a bit “protective” of the guys, always very curious about who their girlfriends were, and we always worried they’d never be good enough. Then we met Christina. And we fell in love with her just as much as we all loved Derek. She’s STUNNING, and has this big, gorgeous, warmhearted, loveable, bold personality. She’s quick to smile and laugh, not afraid to speak her mind and opinions and has a zest for life that rivals Derek’s. Put them together and they’re magic. Seriously, the cuddling, kissing, hugging and laughing….it’s just magic.

I was so excited for their engagement session, not only cause I got to hang out with these two, but Jessica came along to practice her second shooting skills!! We had a BLAST!! We all hopped in one vehicle and explored Chilliwack Lake Road at sunset. The weather was AMAZING, and we all spent the majority of the time catching up, laughing and sneaking in photos of these two and their candid moments.

Derek and Christina, I can’t THANK YOU enough for asking me to be a part of your wedding. I love you guys so incredibly much and I can’t WAIT to celebrate in September!!!

Jessica apparently didn’t need practice, cause she got the one below!!




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