February 27, 2017

Chilliwack Lake Engagement Photos: Kosta and Kylie

“I forgot to discuss with you a VERY important matter re: our skype date tonight: feel free to wear your pajamas? I’ll have a somewhat respectable top on so I can get away with wearing my pj bottoms just in case you don’t get this message before Skype hahaha”

This was the third email I’d gotten from Kylie and I knew right then and there that we would be GREAT friends!!! Her and Kosta live a few hours past Prince George, so we didn’t get to meet in person at first, and Kosta had to work but me and Kylie had our PJ Skype date and hit it off right away!

We finally got to meet in person awhile later and I LOVED them both instantly! Because of the time of day that worked, I had to bring my son Luca with me and Kylie was instantly his favourite when she bought him a cake pop, and she patiently listened to his stories about coyotes, which he’d just finished a science project on!

This past Fall, they came down for another visit and we got their engagement session done! We got to spend a few hours together driving up Chilliwack Lake Road, pulling over whenever we saw a pretty spot, and ending at the lake! We talked like we’d known each other for YEARS. These two are so easy to talk to! Not a single awkward silence and Kylie is just so vibrant and bubbly!

They were up to explore every single random field and overgrown area we pulled over at and I love how carefree and relaxed they were!!

I can’t WAIT to see them again at their wedding!!!



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