April 19, 2018

Fort Langley Wedding: Nick and Dana

Dana went to highschool with my younger sister, so I knew her already and had seen it on facebook that she had gotten engaged, secretly hoping she would message me about photography because I have always loved her! When she did message I was SO excited!! I met her and Nick for coffee and dessert and loved him too!! We chatted about wedding plans and caught up on the last few years since highschool….it’s only been a few years ;)

I was so excited for their wedding!! Ever since photographing them for their engagement photos back in the winter and seeing how amazing they are together!! (you can see them HERE!)

Their wedding day was INCREDIBLE!!!! Like out of the movies incredible! Everything ran like a dream and everyone had time to relax and truly celebrate!! The girls got ready at Dana’s sisters house, and her maid of honor :) They had time for mimosas and when I arrived they all looked STUNNING. We did a few sneaky photos to text to Nick and Dana got to enjoy every minute of getting ready with her girls.

The guys got ready at Nick and Dana’s house and Jessica had a blast hanging out with them!! And did a fantastic job photographing them :)

Their ceremony was HOT. But stunning. The florals and the colours and the bright weather went together perfectly. Their ceremony was so personal and described the two of them together so well!

We headed to Derby Reach for photos and revelled in the shade! These guys ROCKED their photos. Seriously. The lighting was every photographers dream and this group didn’t hold back. There was fun jokes, and loving compliments and so many goofy moments. Nick and Dana bring that out in people. They’re animated and goofy and they show their emotions freely! They make sure everyone around them feels welcome and loved. They fully lived in every single moment of their wedding day and I fricken love it when couples do that. They don’t stress, they don’t overthink or worry. Their day is here. Celebrate and live in every moment!

Their reception was filled with just as much love for these two! The speeches were sentimental and hilarious. They spoke of the powerhouse that is these two. They were called “The Life Saving Couple”! Dana is a nurse and Nick is a firefighter. They spend their lives helping and saving others and their passion for people shows constantly.

Dana had us all in tears when she gave her bouquet to her Dad to lay on her grandparents graves just has her sister had done a few years before. It was a beautiful sentiment and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.

These two and their guests hit the dance floor hard and it was AMAZING. Barely anyone stayed sitting and it was full out committed dancing. I LOVED it.

Nick and Dana, THANK YOU so much for having Jessica and I as a part of your day!! I miss you guys!! It was so much fun and one I’ll remember forever!! Love you both so much!!

Jessica thank you so much for your stellar second shooting skills!! I’ll never stop loving having you shoot with me!!



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