January 9, 2018

Fort Langley Wedding Photographer: Brock and Tiffany

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Half an hour into our three hour long coffee date, Tiffany placed both hands on the table and said, “I think there’s something you should know about me.”

Now not gonna lie I was a little nervous. I had no idea what to expect. She continued, “You know how you have that deep sentimental love of mountains that leaves you in awe, gives you goosebumps and makes you kind of obsessive.” “Ummmm, yes.” “Well, I feel the same way about….elephants.”

I knew in that instant we would be a GREAT fit. She went on to tell me how much she adores elephants. Elephant clothes, home decor, jewelry, books, movies, and anything even remotely elephant related. Check out the elephant details she put throughout her entire wedding!!

Brock, knowing her deep love of elephants decided to propose to her at the zoo in front of the elephant habitat in Seattle. Only problem was when they got there, there was no elephants :( He decided to go ahead with his plan anyway, and Tiffany said YES!

These two are my ideal couple in so many ways! They are so easy to talk to, so warmhearted, they welcomed me into their lives and happily sat with me for 3 hours over coffee talking food, books, TV shows….you name it, we talked about it! We talked about how cantaloupe is definitely the filler fruit in a fruit salad and anyone who thinks other wise is just plain crazy ;) and about our mutual love of Outlander, and all books in general.

I love how easy these two laugh together. And the full out gut busting laughs. They are so playful, and so silly and they just let themselves be themselves! They go back and forth between deeply romantic and loving and straight up goofy and ridiculous. They have that silent intimate connection that you see in so many couples but also that silliness that will help sustain their marriage. Being married to someone who makes you laugh is such a gift!

Their wedding was AMAZING. It had been almost 2 years since we’d first met for coffee and it felt like forever to wait! It finally came and ohmygosh was it hot! 36 degrees and humid! But these guys didn’t melt! They didn’t mind standing outside for photos and not a single person opted out of the dance floor!

The stories shared about these two during the speeches were exactly like them, hilarious and moving. There were long hugs and tears of joy and tears of sadness for those who couldn’t be there with them to celebrate. I’d met Brock’s Dad last year at Juuso and Sofia’s wedding in Italy and gotten to know him and his wife well! It was so fun to see him proudly witness his son’s wedding and the speech he gave was fantastic!

Brock and Tiffany! Thank you so so SO much for having me as a part of your day! It was one I’ll remember forever! I loved every minute of getting to know you both and miss you already!! Catch up coffee date asap?!

A HUGE thank you as well to my amazing second shooter Jessica!! :) You nailed it!




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