April 12, 2018

Fraser River Lodge Wedding: Kosta and Kylie

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“I forgot to discuss with you a VERY important matter re: our skype date tonight: feel free to wear your pajamas? I’ll have a somewhat respectable top on so I can get away with wearing my pj bottoms just in case you don’t get this message before Skype hahaha”

This was the third email I’d gotten from Kylie and I knew right then and there that we would be GREAT friends!!! Her and Kosta live a few hours past Prince George, so we didn’t get to meet in person at first, and Kosta had to work but me and Kylie had our PJ Skype date and hit it off right away!

We finally got to meet in person awhile later and I LOVED them both instantly! Because of the time of day that worked, I had to bring my son Luca with me and Kylie was instantly his favourite when she bought him a cake pop, and she patiently listened to his stories about coyotes, which he’d just finished a science project on!

Last Fall they came down for their engagement photos and we explored Chilliwack Lake Road and became even better friends. Kylie just LIGHTS up any conversation she’s a part of. She’s one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. She’s quick to laugh, always genuinely wants to know how you’re doing and has the definition of a vibrant personality! Kosta is a bit more serious, but he lights up when Kylie is around and his busts out his goofy side every now and again :) Check out the garter removal photos :)

Their wedding was incredible! It had been POURING and cloudy the few days before and the forest fires had rolled in so much smoke the mountains were almost non existent. Getting married at Fraser River Lodge, one wants the mountains to be out!!

I got a text from Kylie that morning or her and her bridesmaid grinning from ear to ear because there was CLEAR skies!! The clouds and smoke slowly rolled in again that afternoon and cast that pretty pinky/orange lighting, but it didn’t totally sock everything in until we had finished their photos! It was the perfect day!! They were surrounded by so much love the entire day!

With Kylie being a teacher, part of their reception decor was a sign filled with quotes from students in her class. The quotes were answers to the question “What makes a happy marriage?” and they were hilarious and so sweet! “Love each other forever!”  “I advise that you go for walks.”   “Change diapers, if necessary!”    “Don’t leave dirty socks on the living room floor.”    and my personal favourite because it’s the answer my son gave when I asked him and Kylie included it in her sign….”Always be on the same page, like not argue about silly things.”

Kosta and Kylie, it meant so much to me to be a part of your day! It was one I will remember forever and I so hope we keep in touch!! I loved helping you guys celebrate!!!

A HUGE thank you as well to my always amazing second shooter Jessica!! You nailed the guys getting ready shots and so many others!! :)

We snuck out for a few more photos after dinner, the mountains cleared again for a few moments, and the smoke wasn’t quite as thick!!



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