March 4, 2016

Introducing my 2016 Intern!

A month ago I put up a blog post looking for an intern/second shooter/mentee for the 2016 wedding season! The response was overwhelming! 30 people applied and it left me with a weekend of emails to reply to! :)

I sent out questionnaires to everyone asking a bit more about who they were both as people and photographers. That week I printed out every single one and spent a full day with coffee and snacks carefully pouring over every single one. I was amazed at how open everyone was, at how much they shared, and how they all dared greatly and let themselves be seen.

I reread them all twice to make sure I got to know them as best I could, and with so much struggle, I narrowed it down to a short list. One questionnaire had caught my eye from the beginning, and I found myself thinking about some of her answers later that week. They just stuck with me and really resonated with how I view and live life as well.

When I reread my short list again, I knew that this applicant was one I really was drawn too and so excited to meet. We set up a time to meet for coffee and within minutes I knew it had to be her! Interviewing people was a whole new experience for me. I’ve never interviewed anyone before in my life for a position and it was a little intimidating! I quickly realized how much fun it is and how much I enjoyed getting to know these people more and figuring out who was the best fit!

Without much more ramble….I am SO excited to introduce ASHLEIGH!!!! #ashtheintern

My most favourite thing about Ash is when I asked her what it was she loved about weddings. The look on her face was pure magic. Her entire face lit up and she got this huge grin on her face.

“Weddings are wonderful! Each has its own unique sentimentality, magic, and emotion. What I love most, though, is that —extravagant or simple — they’re always about connection, and hope, and joy, and the promise of being best buds for life.”

She opened up in her questionnaire and the one part that stuck with me the most and made me stop and go “oooooh” was her greatest fear in life. We very much share the same fear, and it was one I haven’t always been able to put into words until I read hers. Her fear is why I started business coaching last year and why it’s had such an impact on my life and my business.

“My greatest fear is too never figure out who I really am.  I understand it’s a lifelong journey, but some people seem so content already in who they are, and where they are in life.  It seems easy to be sucked into the lifestyle of teacher, triathlete, or coach, and loose oneself completely in the day-to-day responsibilities. So many people say “Yep, this is it”! It’s almost enviable, because they seem so content.  When I try to settle into just one thing I quickly feel disconnected with myself, like I’m following my life around rather than leading it. I am never satisfied with where I am.  I always want to know more, be more, try more…and this is why deep down I feel the need to do so many things! So in summary, I have major FOMO, fear of missing out!”


There have been many funny little coincidences along the way that were also signs she was the best option! We were born on the exact same day! Same year too! We both celebrated our birthdays February 25! Neither of us had ever met a birthday twin before and now we get to work together :) The other was that I actually knew who she was before! (but was too dense to figure it out haha) When I had the questionnaires of the short list together, Marco asked if he could read them as well to see who I was considering! He came back about half an hour later, and handed me hers and said, “you know who this is right?”. I said I had no idea (dense remember?!). He told me that she is the sister of two of our good friends! We played volleyball with her brother in law and I rowed shortly at UFV with her sister and I would have met her at their wedding a few years ago! I felt so silly not connecting the name!!

I am so excited to spend this wedding season with Ash getting to know her even more, mentoring, laughing, and sharing!


And just for fun, and because I love knowing people’s favourites, here’s a few random fun facts about Ash!

Movie – Victor Victoria with Julie Andrews. She’s the coolest!

TV Show – I go through phases, but the one that has stood the test of time is the Big Bang theory…and Frasier.

Book – I love to read. My favourite by far is the Harry Potter series. (SEE! We were meant to be friends!! ;)

Colour – Turquoise…the happiest of colours.

Animal – Dog. My circle of best friends has always included at least one dog.

Snack – Apple if it’s a hot day, or honey on toast with tea if it’s a cold day.

Guilty Pleasure – When it’s just me and a bulk pack of Purdy’s white chocolate, wine, and an action packed TV show.

Way to spend a rainy day – I’d divide the day between reading, playing the guitar/piano, baking, eating the baking, and playing with the dog.

Way to spend a sunny day – start with a run, then go on an adventure…A day hike, or a beach, frisbee, and picnic combination. One of my favourite things to do is paddle board in Deep Cove, then do the Baden Powell hike and finish with lunch or an ice-cream.

Words you live by: True love and everlasting happiness! What ever gets you there is what you’re meant to do!

If you could have a super power what would it be? Flying at high speeds!

Where would you like to travel to next? I’d like to go diving in the Maldives


Ash, THANK YOU so much for applying!! You were everything I was hoping for and more!! I can’t wait for what this year will bring!! :)






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