May 31, 2016

Kelowna Engagement Photographer: Dan and Gabrielle

When I asked Dan and Gabrielle how they met, they both laughed and she said it was a really romantic and sexy story. They met at work….at an accounting firm in Calgary while working on taxes and other number related accounting things. (I am very literate in my accounting terminology as you can see ;)

I have known Gabrielle for almost 12 years. She is Marco’s cousin…so my cousin in law….if that’s not a term, it is now! We only get to see her once or twice a year at big family dinners, and only got the chance to meet Dan this past Christmas. We didn’t get the chance to get to know him very well because Christmas dinners at Nonna’s are loud…but loud in the best way. Loud with laughter and food and playful teasing and just good conversation. However you picture an Italian Christmas dinner sounding like, it’s that.

I was so excited for their engagement photos and to get to know Dan better and see Gabrielle again! These two are amazing! In just the last few months they’ve moved to a different province, started wedding planning, Dan started a new business, Gabrielle started a new job and sold her horse of 1o years and bought a new one! I loved getting to hear how excited they were about the life they are building for themselves!

We did their photos at Mill Creek Park and to be honest I was a bit nervous. I had never heard of the park before, and all the photos I could find of it on google, weren’t the best! I always worry about the lighting, but that day it was PERFECT! The rain held off, it was super bright for an overcast day and the park didn’t feel like it should be in Kelowna! It felt like a rainforest, and like we’d been transported to the west coast! I felt right at home :) It had POURED the day before so everything was lush and vibrant green!

The park was so quiet too. Dan and Gabrielle hike there often with their dog and said most people just hike to the first waterfall and never make the trek up to the second and third waterfall!  I was up for the adventure so off we went! With their being so much rain recently, and it being Spring, the creek was SO high! It covered/washed out most of the trail to the second and third waterfall so we had to do some rock scrambling and fancy and totally coordinated rock jumping to get to them both. It was SO worth it! My feet were a muddy mess and soaked right through but I was grinning from ear to ear. Gabrielle quickly became my most favourite, when she kicked off her sandals and threw them across the water to Dan so she could traipse through the mud to get to the next rock!

Dan and Gabrielle, I had the BEST time! Thank you so much for showing me one of your favourite places! I fell in love with it too and am so grateful we went to all 3 waterfalls!! I can’t WAIT until July!



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