April 18, 2012

L&J: Abbotsford Wedding Photographer 03.24.2012

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One of my goals for this year was to put less photos in wedding blogposts, to only show off my ABSOLUTE favourites….and then these two came my way and made that IMPOSSIBLE! There are too many of these two to not share this many! They are so photogenic, so head over heels in love with each other, and so just ahhhhh that there is nothing I can do about it! What an amazing wedding to kick off the wedding season with…these two are just my favourite!

They got married a few weeks ago in Abbotsford and it was gorgeous. The kind of day I had prayed for in the weeks leading up to it! I had spent the night at Tanis‘ house (my 2nd shooter for the day!) as we weren’t moving down until the weekend after! Tanis and I were up late the night before scouting the location online, looking for inspiration on pinterest and eating M&M’s….haha so nothing new!

We met J at L’s parents house in Abbotsford…such a gorgeous home, and an amazing background for J to get ready! When she stepped into her dress, the entire room got quiet. Honest. She made the most stunning bride! I could have photographed her all day long. (and I did!)

Their ceremony was held at Bakerview Church in Abbotsford…I love this church! The ceilings, and the backdrop….just perfect for a wedding! WHen those doors opened and J started walking down the aisle with her Dad, L’s face was priceless…I have never seen a man so overjoyed! We headed to Gardner Park after for their portraits.

We took a break inbetween bridal photos to visit L’s grandfather….I was teary eyed for this one! When we walked into the home, the piano started playing the wedding march, and a group had gathered to see the newlyweds! It was so cute!! L’s grandfather was dressed up in his suit and tie, and looked so proud!

Their reception was a gorgeous backdrop of purple, red and fuschia…..tulips, feather and vintage chalkboards finished off their details!!

L&J I wish you all the best! I hope you had an amazing time in Cuba!!  I was beyond honored to be a part of your special day, and I wish you all the best in the future together! :)





Why is she the one? Because she everything that I am not.  Everything that I lack she fulfills.  She is interesting, and in so many ways we are of the same mind, having the same opinions and views on things.  

Why is he the one? There are MANY reasons why he is the one, I will try to sum it up. He loves God. His strong, honest character. He is trustworthy, he always has something to say about everything. The way he was raised, in such a loving christian family, so alike to my own. His humor, personality. God has created L to be all I could need or want in a husband, I love him and will spend the rest of my life living through that promise.


Thank you Tanis so so much for all your help!!! I LOVE working with you! It’s my absolute favourite!!! :)




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