March 13, 2018

Manning Park Wedding: Aaron and Jana

Aaron and Jana. I don’t even know where to start with adequate words!!

Aaron, or as I’ve always know him “Flanagan” played Volleyball at UFV with Marco and me! (For those of you wondering, yes it was the year of Volleyball weddings!! We had 4!) So we have many years of parties, road trips, camping in 70 Mile, hilarious videos of Kings Cup around the Sunpeaks table, pool parties in Kelowna, fellow volleyball players weddings and BBQ’s under our belts!!

Jana is seriously a burst of sunshine.  There’s no better way to explain her. (Check out the wedding shoes she had custom made for her!) She always beaming, and cheerful and up for anything. She is loving and loveable. I adore her! Aaron is goofy, caring and one of those guys you always want around. Put these two together and they’re pure magic.

When they first told me they were planning their wedding at Manning Park I WAS SO EXCITED! Two of my most favourite people in my most favourite place! It also suits them perfectly!!! Aaron spends almost his entire life in Carharts, and Jana is the most wonderful mix of Disney Princess and all things outdoors….she hunts, quads, fishes, snowmobiles, dirtbikes, skis, and hikes. Told you it’s impossible to not love her!

They decided on a camping theme and it turned out amazing. The details and decor suited Manning and them to a T! From rustic Coleman lanterns to wildflowers and tin camping mug wedding favours! Their seating chart is probably the best one I’ve ever seen, and their guest book is so fun!!

For their photos we headed up to the Cascade lookout and alpine and it blew me away!! The wild flowers were at peak bloom (there’s two peak blooms at the alpine and their wedding fell right smack dab in the middle of the first one!) and the weather was STUNNING!

Before I put my camera away for the night, I got a few photos of the Volleyball players together!! :) The next morning they hosted a big flat top breakfast for everyone and we all sat at picnic tables before heading on home! It was the BEST weekend!

Aaron and Jana, you guys are so inspiring as a couple! You care for each other, put each other first constantly, are adventurous together, and you always find ways to laugh with each other! Marco and I were so happy to help you guys celebrate and photograph your day!! It meant so much to us!! We love you!!! :)





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