July 12, 2016

Many Glacier Elopement: Clint and Stephanie

Last year, one of my best friends and AMAZING photographer Jackie invited me along for a week long girls trip. We explored Banff and photographed a wedding in Canmore and then headed down into Montana for my first visit! Jackie laughed at my excitement over seeing flat FLAT Alberta and wind mills haha, I really am like a small child when I travel! On our way down we had time to check out Waterton National Park before heading to Many Glacier for an elopement!

Not gonna lie we were both exhausted from driving so much but as soon as I saw Many Glacier and the lake, all my tiredness vanished! It was BEAUTIFUL!! I’d seen so many photos of it on Jackie’s website but the photos didn’t do it justice!

Jackie had never met the couple before that day and that always makes us photographers a bit nervous. Will they like us? Will we be a good fit? But in the hallway we overheard a booming voice talking about how his daughter was getting married that day, and just the excitement in his voice and how loudly he was talking, I had a feeling we would all get along just fine.

Stephanie is STUNNING, and I imagine she was the girl in highschool who everyone loved and who was friends with everyone. She was so easy to talk to and after just a few minutes in the room, it was hard to imagine we had only JUST met her.

Clint was the same, so welcoming, so appreciative that we had driven to be there and such a southern gentleman! Watching their two families together was a highlight for me as well! They hadn’t met until that day and they were instant friends! By the end of the night, we left them in the bar all having drinks and celebrating together like they’d known each other their entire lives.

They said their vows on the edge of the lake, and right after their first kiss hikers from the opposite side of the lake burst out into cheers and claps! After that we walked them up to a small dinner overlooking the lake that Field Wedding Studio had set up for them and it was perfection!! We left them to eat and enjoy being newlyweds and then explored the lake for some photos with them! It made me fall in love with the simplicity and beauty of elopements and I can’t wait to photograph more this year and next!

It was the PERFECT first visit to Many Glacier and I am so grateful Jackie let me tag along! Check out her post from the day HERE> I love it so much when we get to work together! :)



Seriously, working with her there’s never a dull moment.

Jackie trying to get a photo from my height haha



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