December 23, 2017

Meet my Mom!

So a few years ago, I wrote a blog post for Fathers Day about my Dad. And since then my Mom has lovingly teased about when her blog post is coming. I sneakily let Mothers Day pass with nothing. Didn’t want it to be too obvious ;)  And with today being her birthday it seemed the best day to show off my Mom!

When I first sat down to write it, I was at a loss of what to write about. There was SO MUCH to write. I get my height from her…and my big feet haha….And my hair colour, love of wine, reading, and cooking/baking.

I also think I get my entrepreneurial mentality from her – growing up she was always thinking of ways to have side jobs while also simultaneously kicking ass at raising all us kids. She would make wooden dolls for craft sale and baking for a local restaurant. When I told her I wanted to go into photography she was fully 110% supportive. She gave me her first camera to use when I first got interested in taking photos and I don’t think I would have ever started my love for photography if it hadn’t been for her.

My Mom is also incredibly crafty….she made some of our clothes growing up, and not just plain outfits, gorgeous sundresses!! They were often matching ???? with matching headbands and scrunches that we still tease her about to this day but not gonna lie if I had more than one girl and knew how to sew I’d probably do the same ???? And can I just point out that my Mom had FOUR kids and somehow found the time to sew us clothes?! 

My friends would come for dinner and everytime without fail “my mom doesn’t cook this good.” And the baking?! Always homemade custom birthday cakes and fresh cookies and squares weekly. We all gained 10pbs at Christmas from her many many Christmas recipes. Everyone always wanted to come to our house for the playdates because my Mom would always have plates of fresh made cookies and treats. Did I mention she had FOUR kids while doing all this yet?! haha!

When we moved out she spent HOURS typing out family recipes into the computer to make us a 200+ page recipe book of all our favourites. To this day it is still my most favourite gift I’ve ever received….well tied with the collection of family home videos she put onto DVD for us a few Christmas’ ago. I use that cookbook so often. It’s tattered, and smells faintly of milk because I spilled an entire batch of waffle batter on it one night, but I will cherish that forever.

I call her atleast once a week asking for cooking advice. Especially if the recipe I want isn’t in the cookbook. “Mom, why isn’t this in the cookbook?!” I couldn’t have cooked my first turkey without her. I think I spent most of the day on the phone with her as I called every few minutes to make sure whatever I was doing looked or sounded right. Never once did she complain or tell me she was too busy.

As we got older  and the four of us didn’t need quite so much attention, she went back to school on weekends (after still having to take care of us 4 all week) and got her Orton Gillingjam certificate. She turned our basement into the most amazing mini school and taught so many kids with learning difficulties how to read and master English! One student in highschool went from an 8th grade reading level to an 11th grade in one year with my moms help! She still works at a local high school and I’ve gotten to TOC a few times and see her at work and she’s INCREDIBLE. The students adore her and she’s so patient and loving and thoughtful. She goes above and beyond in everything she does and I’m so proud she’s my Mom.

She is insanely gorgeous. She often gets asked if she’s my Dad’s second wife, especially once they find out how old I am! (I’m the oldest of the four of us!) And on a few occasions she’s been mistaken for my older sister :)

She’s the first one to make me laugh when I’ve had a bad day or I’m in a cranky mood, and she’s the first one to come up with some creative curse when someone’s wronged me or hurt my feelings. After a few glasses of wine she gets giggly and it’s my favourite. She hugged me and rubbed my back after sad breakups in highschool, and the day after Marco and I got married and I came back to their house to pick up my stuff to officially move out, we both stood there and cried and gave each other the best and longest hug. It’s still one of my favourite moments.

She fiercely loves us. That’s the only word that makes sense to me to explain it. She defends us when someone says anything slightly negative about us (even if I’m venting about my sister ????) and she only wants us to succeed and be happy. Even though I’ve grown up and moved out and don’t call her every single day like I used to, I know she’s always there. I know that even though we butt heads and disagree sometimes that she’s my biggest supporter and I will always be hers.

Mom, happy birthday!! I love you!!



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