August 23, 2016

Pitt Lake Engagement Photographer: Kyle and Lisa

Lisa and I feel the same about the mountains. We both get goosebumps and feel they’re comparable to therapy. We both want to spend as much time in the mountains, around the mountains, close to the mountains as often as possible. So Pitt Lake made perfect sense for their engagement photos!

Lisa and Kyle together are pure fun. Lisa’s smile lights up her face and they just laugh together constantly. I truly believe that couples who can be goofy with each other are the happiest. You get to spend the rest of your life with this person and go through so many ups and downs, that you need a good sense of humor and someone who makes you laugh and lets you be goofy with them. These two have it down and I LOVED spending time with them!

These two spend their time fishing, hunting, camping and everything else outdoor related! Her instagram is full of photos of her daughter fishing, of their family camping trips spent quadding, bow hunting, and most often dressed in camo. Their love of the outdoors is tied HUGELY into their wedding venue and I can’t WAIT to spend the weekend with them and their friends at Big Bar Ranch in October! It can’t come soon enough!! :)

Lisa and Kyle, I am so excited and honored to be a part of your wedding and plans! After all your ups and downs of planning, I am SO glad it all came together! It’s going to be amazing!!



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