April 3, 2018

Qualicum Beach Wedding: Travis and Marisa

Travis and Marisa got married last summer at the Whitley House in Qualicum Beach, during one of the worst forest fire seasons BC has ever had! The island didn’t have any significant forest fires to worry about, but the smoke had made its way over and had settled in to stay. As awful as it was for the rest of BC, the silver lining is it did make a warm orange-pink glow in the air and helped keep the temperatures a bit cooler for their day!

The girls getting ready were hilarious. Marisa is one of my cousin-in-laws so it was extra special to me to be there while they all got ready! There was music going, and everyone was talking at a volume I’m sure you can imagine! Everyone was running around fixing last minute details and finishing touches and Marisa was as cool as a cucumber. She was the perfect example of calm. Even when she found out her seamstress had missed hemming up the bottom underneath layer of her dress and it came entirely undone RIGHT before she was supposed to walk down the aisle. She stood their patiently taking deep breaths as her bridesmaids and Mom rushed to find safety pins to pin it up and pray it stayed!

Marisa looked STUNNING. She’s gorgeous on a daily basis to begin with, but she was breath taking in that dress! The minute Travis saw her, he couldn’t contain is emotions and neither could Marisa’s Dad! It’s his second of three daughters to get married and I love watching how emotional he gets walking them down the aisle!

We headed to a friends property for their photos and it was gorgeous! We hung out there before heading back for their reception! The best part of photographing family weddings, is that my kids get to come!! They hammed it up with their cousins and during the Father Daughter dance, and Mother Son dance they invite all the mothers and sons, and all the fathers and daughters out to dance together! I got to dance with my son and Marco got to dance with our daughter! It was so special! I may have gotten teary eyed many many times! My son was so proud to dance with me and my daughter cuddled right up to Marco and it was so sweet!!

The rest of their reception was a blast! As always at Russo family weddings, the dance floor was packed until well into the night! The kids made it right up until midnight and my daughter fell asleep in my arms and my son danced right up until the dance floor closed!

Travis and Marisa!! Thank you so much for having Marco and I as a part of your day!! We loved getting to be there hanging out with you guys right from getting ready! You two are so wonderful together! I love how you keep things goofy and lighthearted. You’ve both been through so much and I am so glad you’ve found each other! :)




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