December 7, 2016

Rockwater Resort Elopement: Andrew and Stephanie

Andrew and Stephanie are some pretty special people. To know them is to be welcomed into their families as one of them. Seriously.

I first met these two just over a year ago when they drove ALL THE WAY from Spokane WA for their engagement photos….that’s right, over 18 hours in ONE weekend just for their engagement photos! You can see them HERE.¬†

While we did their photos, Stephanie and Andrew talked excitedly about their Rockwater Elopement and Stephanie confessed that she had found me online when she saw Andy and Sarah’s wedding at the Rockwater the year before, and because of their wedding, she secretly hoped¬†they would get a stormy rainy day for their wedding as well! She even got a cathedral length veil for some epic wind/veil photos!


I drove over the morning of their wedding and it was rainy the entire day! I was so excited for her!! She would get her umbrella filled day as planned! :) She was BEAMING when I saw her! Beaming and relaxed. She got ready with her Mom, Mother in Law and Sister in Law and watching them all help each other get ready was so heartwarming. Her Dad came once she was all ready and the emotion was incredible! I knew we were in for a special day!

We walked out to their first look and ohmygosh I was pouring tears as I photographed it. They would not stop rolling. For these two either! It was so special! Knowing the relationship and deep connection these two have made it so special. Andrew is a veteran so they have spent time apart, and Stephanie is working through a challenging University program and they’ve just grown stronger and stronger together.

Their entire day was family focused, adventurous, sentimental and it focused entirely on them and what their day was about. They did photos in the pouring rain, and she had her wedding outside with umbrellas and got her windswept veil photos and celebrated in the cozy ceremony room upstairs and danced it up while the rain continued on.

Putting their day into words is so challenging and I don’t think I’ll ever do it justice. Andrew and Stephanie, oh gosh, it meant so much to me that you chose me to be a part of your intimate day. I have absolutely LOVED getting to know you both and meeting and being welcomed into your families was the greatest! Getting to sit down at dinner and help you guys celebrate was so special and I loved it so much!! I will forever be sentimental about your day! PLEASE come visit!!! :)





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