June 23, 2018

Swaneset Wedding: Brad and Krista

I met Brad a few years ago when we lived in Kelowna and we played on the same rec volleyball team! I liked him instantly! He was quick to smile, always positive and liked to joke around with everyone while we played. After we moved from Kelowna back to Abbotsford, we lost touch with him other than Marco and him being facebook friends and it wasn’t until last year that he text Marco asking for my info to talk about photography! (Side story, when we lived in Kelowna Brad was engaged and his fiance would sometimes come and pick him up from Volleyball, but I hadn’t known her well at all and before Brad text me about photography Marco had given me a heads up that it wasn’t the same fiance that he had in Kelowna. So I was super curious to meet Krista and hear their story!)

I met him and Krista at the Starbucks in Chapters, and it was PACKED. We found a tiny corner to sit in and I asked how they met.

Their story BLEW me away! First off I fell in love with Krista IMMEDIATELY. She is bubbly, also quick to smile, and a full smile that meets the eyes fully and is borderline a laugh, she is SO easy to talk to and you feel instantly like you’ve known her for years! She is bold, true to herself and you can tell she would fight hard for her beliefs. While they told me their story they couldn’t stop holding hands, or smiling at each other and honestly they told the story to each other and I just got to listen and take it all in.

When preparing their blogpost for their engagement photos, I wanted so badly to include their story, but didn’t want to take anything away from it, or mess up the details or get it wrong in anyway, so I messaged Krista asking if she would send me the details. What she wrote was too good to rewrite so I am just gonna let her tell their story! And I couldn’t properly share their wedding photos without first including their story!!

“It is not always an easy story to tell without judgement being passed. But it’s our story and there is nothing we can change or want to change. Brad and I didn’t meet under convenient terms, but the universe puts certain people into your life that no matter how hard you try, you can’t avoid it. Brad and I met in sun peaks one summer weekend, I being there enjoying a weekend away with girlfriends – and Brad there to celebrate a bachelor party. His own bachelor party to be exact. Fate had a weird way of intervening on us this weekend that would change the course of our lives. From first (not so friendly) exchange, there was this unquestionable need to know more about this person. We talked. For hours. All night. All weekend. We talked about everything. We talked about nothing. We talked about our lives. Our relationships. Our goals. Our future. Our connection was not physical this weekend, but instead it was emotional. We both connected to each other in a way we never knew possible with another person. Our souls yearned for each other. They were made for each other. Both being in a serious committed relationship there was a point in the weekend where i turn to brad and asks ‘Do you ever feel like you are in a relationship because it feels comfortable?’ Brad responded ‘do you ever feel like you are getting married because it felt comfortable?’ I did not reply.

The end of our weekend came and we said our goodbyes. We did not exchange any contact information or last names. We told each other not to contact one another, and thank each other for the connection we made in a little ski village outside Kamloops. We hugged goodbye for what was the hardest goodbye either of us had ever had to do. It was the saddest moment I could remember. While my friends slept on the way home, all I could remember doing was crying down the Coquihalla. I knew the relationship I was in was not right for me, but knew that I could never be happy again knowing the person for me in this world is marrying someone else. Brad went home to Kelowna to get married. And I went home to Vancouver to rediscover myself. I ended my long term relationship with my partner at that time, because I knew being comfortable was no longer an option. I thought about Brad often and always. Wondering if he too thought of me. Little did I know, he too went home to rediscover himself. Brad never got married (obviously). He returned home, and as foreshadowed by his statement, realized he was getting married for the wrong reasons.

Shortly before the wedding was scheduled to occur, it was cancelled. Brad managed to find me on social media, and sent me a message. It read “I didn’t get married.” I didn’t reply for an entire day. 24 full hours of wondering to myself and to many of my friends “what does this even mean?” After finally getting up the nerve to reply, and several hours and days of long conversations, he said he was coming to see me. It was the first time we saw each other since the first time we met, and it felt like we had always been together. There was nothing out of place, and there was no question that what we had found was right, and would be right forever. Brad proposed to me on our first anniversary on top of the sea to sky gondola were we also had our first date. We enjoy retelling our story. When people ask us how we met we usually reply ‘how much time do you have?’ Because it is not just a quick story to tell someone in passing. It’s easy to judge us, but you only have one life to live. So live it right.”

Their story stuck with me. Really stuck with me! What they did was bold and adventurous and they followed their hearts and are now the best versions of themselves together. Their wedding was a reflection of that! They were truly and honestly themselves. They were fully open and vulnerable about their feelings for each other as they said their vows, and they rocked the dance floor harder than any couple I’ve ever seen! They ended their first dance with an EPIC surprise. Right as he lifted her off the ground, fireworks lit up the sky behind their head table. The HUGE glass windows at Swaneset were perfect for being able to see them! Everyone rushed outside to watch and it was amazing!

Brad and Krista, I have no words to explain how thankful I am that you wanted me and Jessica to be a part of your wedding day. We had the best time!! Thank you for being so open and sharing your story with everyone! It’s inspiring!!

Love you guys!! :)





























































































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