August 10, 2011

Tiffany and Jamie: Chilliwack Wedding 07.09.2011

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Tiffany and Jamie’s wedding was my first wedding booked for 2011! I was so excited when my good friend Sheila (the first wedding I ever photographed EVER!) recommended me to her!

When I first met with Tiffany over coffee to chat about her wedding we totally hit it off! Not only is she also 6 feet tall  but she is so easy to talk to.

Their wedding day was GORGEOUS! The weather was beautiful and so hot. The bugs on the other hand were AWFUL! The worst I have ever experienced mosquitos before in my entire life. And I promise I am not exaggerating. They were flying up my dress, nestling in to my hair, and swarming Tiffany and Jamie as we walked to do pictures. They were such good spirits about it though. They would dodge into a spot, I would click as fast as possible and they would dart back out again.

Other than the bugs their wedding was beyond perfect. These two are so in love, and SO.MUCH.FUN. Seriously so much fun. Their wedding party was amazing, and all they did was laugh and joke all day. The day even began with a prank on the bride at her house by the groom and groomsman.

The speeches were so thoughtful and mostly hilarious. At once point I was laughing so hard I had a hard time taking photos. The tears were streaming! So many people just had amazing things to say about these two. I had to agree with everything that was said! Such a special couple. I could go on and on about how special their day was, but I will let the pictures show you!

* I will warn you in advance that I once again am including WAY too many photos for a blog post! I just am so in love with these two!

Adriana from Oana Thomson Photography came along for the day to 2nd shoot! It was her first wedding ever and she was beyond fantastic to have along! :) She caught these photos of the guys getting ready.




I headed over to Tiffany’s house to get the girls getting ready. Her dress is STUNNING!








 Tiffany’s Dad seeing her for the first time in her dress. Not gonna lie I was tearing up behind my camera.


 Their ceremony was held at Gwynne Vaughan Park in Chilliwack. It was gorgeous!




 Seriously! Does it get any more gorgeous than this!







Their ceremony details were awesome, and so thoughtful! Fans to fan away the heat and the bugs, and decorated bottles of bug spray! :)


 LOVE this one of Tiffany’s brother capturing a photo of them on his iphone!



 Their oh so gorgeous wedding party!

 Every wedding needs a good ole jumping picture!

 The wedding party was such troopers for this picture! The bugs were just swarming around here…can you see that giant body of still water to the left? I explained the pose first, then got them all to run in pose…click, click…and they all ran back out again!









 We kicked the wedding party out and headed back to Gwynne Vaughan Park to get some of the couple.


If you squint really really really hard you can see the bugs attacking them!


 I LOVED their rings. So simple. So gorgeous.








 I love it when a couple is up for anything in the photos! Laying down in a grass field next to a giant barn…SURE!





 The lighting was SO SO SO stunning!










 My favourite from the day!

 We headed over to their reception at the Tzeachten Hall in Chilliwack!







 hee hee LOVE!


 Their cake eating was the most fun! Tiffany smashed it into Jamies face, and Jamie so delicately fed it to her, making sure not to spill a crumb on her dress! So cute!



 I LOVE first dances…I was once again tearing up behing the camera.


 Thank you so much Tiffany and Jamie for including me in your special day. It was gorgeous, full of love and SO much fun. I had such a great time sharing in it with you! All the best for a long, love filled, and fun marriage :)

To see more from their day sit back, relax and have a look at their slideshow!



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