March 29, 2018

Westwood Plateau Wedding: Kyle and Brittany

I am proud to say that Kyle and Brittany are the second UFV Volleyball couple to get married ;) When Brittany brought that up while we were doing photos at their wedding, I hadn’t realized it before! Marco and I were the first couple to meet while playing volleyball and get married and Kyle and Brittany are the proud second!!

To make their story even funnier, when they met, Brittany was being coached by Kyle’s cousin, Dennis who Marco and I both played with our entire college careers!! The volleyball teams are a bit of a close knit family and it was a summer of celebration as we had 4 volleyball weddings to attend!!

Brittany and Kyle played a few years after Marco and I left and Brittany always felt like a little sister. She is so full of joy, constantly smiling and bouncing with energy and she’s another one who’s impossible to not be happy around. She laughs easily, loves deeply and everyone who knows her adores her!! She worked her butt off for the last few years and became a registered midwife and I so wish I was still in the babymaking days, cause it would have been an honour to have her deliver my babies! :)

Kyle is equally goofy and full of love. Him and his groomsmen had no problems goofing off and expressing their love haha. The speeches at their reception were hilarious and while they poked fun and roasted them both a bit, they were so full of love and respect for these two, both separately and as a couple!

Together these two are INCREDIBLE! They are spontaneous, and don’t hold back when loving each other. They spent their entire wedding day laughing. It made my heart so happy!!

Their reception was 100% them. Colourful, centrepiece drawings done by a close friend, and enough food to feed an army! It felt like everyone was having a close family holiday dinner with them and it was perfect!!

Kyle and Brittany, THANK YOU so much for having Marco and I as a part of your wedding. It will go down as one of my favourite days ever and it was absolutely beautiful. I loved watching you two get married and we miss you guys!! LOVE YOU!



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