Abbotsford Engagement Photographer: Dustin and Taliah

I have so much love for Taliah it’s not even funny! I met her 5 years ago at Jamie Delaine’s Workshop and was instantly drawn to her massive welcoming smile and warmhearted personality. Since then I have had the absolute JOY of being able to call Taliah one of my friends for 5 years. I’ve seen her work through struggles, I’ve seen her fall in love with places and friends, and a few weeks ago I got to see her in love with him. I have never seen this girl so incredibly happy, so peacefully relaxed, so herself and so in love. She couldn’t keep the smile off her face.

I had heard about this Dustin guy for about a year but hadn’t gotten the chance to meet him. There were some good deep heart to heart conversations about relationships and how I knew Marco was the one over wine early on in their relationship and to be totally honest there was some nerves. I saw her getting nervous and excited, but worried at the same time and wanted to meet this guy even more to get my impression.

Taliah and I both had a busy busy few months and missed many needed Bachelor and wine nights. Then on Facebook I see it pop up that Dustin proposed right before their trip to Hawaii with Taliah’s family. Now I DEFINITELY had to meet this guy! My slightly protective friend radar went up a little ;)

A few weeks ago, I put my new and completely amazing second shooter Ashleigh through a one day mini workshop and we ended the day with a couples session. I threw it out there to the Facebook world asking for models and Taliah text me about 10 minutes later! My plan was to throw everyone’s names into hats but I just couldn’t stop thinking how this was the perfect opportunity to meet Dustin and a not so sneaky way to see them together!

Within minutes of getting out of the car, I knew he was totally her one. The way he looked at her, the way he made sure she was ok, he didn’t hover…but he was always close to her, not able to keep himself away. He’s a hugger! He’s so easy to talk to and he feels like an instant friend. He has this friendly, welcoming smile just like hers, and I have NEVER seen Taliah so at ease, so herself and so incredibly happy. They have the giddiness of new love but the ease of a relationship that’s been established for years. Just eavesdropping on them talking about where to eat dinner after the photos was adorable. Major relationship goals ;)

Taliah words can’t possibly ever describe how happy I am for you. Seriously, my heart was BURSTING after photographing you guys and I may have messaged Jackie and Laura immediately telling them how amazing you two are and much much I loved Dustin and how you were just so you around him….you but happier and brilliantly vibrant. Love you so much and THANK YOU for offering to be my models!! Anytime friend!








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