Banff Couples Session: Mikey and Samantha

Mikey and Samantha are two INSANELY talented photographers from Virginia that I’ve known for a few years. Trying to explain how us photographers become friends is always a bit tricky. We all “meet” online in these facebook groups set up to build and grow community by companies who’s products we use….which sounds so strange because we are also friends with the people who work/own these companies as well, and we talk back and forth and help each other out and share ideas, but rarely do we ever get to actually meet in person.¬†Fortunately I got to meet these two almost three years ago at a leaders retreat and a photographers conference in Santa Barbara! I instantly loved them! They were exactly like they were online!!

Samantha has this HUGE grin and this bubbly personality that instantly makes you feel like a close friend. It’s impossible to not be happy around her. Mikey is the strong silent type but whenever he spoke at the retreat everyone listened. He has such an amazing point of view on things and you can always tell he’s genuinely listening and cares about you. The two of them together have two of the most adorable boys. I’ve been creeping them online ever since the retreat and madly liking all their work and family photos! #noshame

Samantha emailed me a few months ago asking if there was any chance I would be up for doing a photo trade, or family photos for them! They were travelling through the US and up into Canada and I was 110% on board! They’re amazing photographers! And then we found out we would both be in Banff at the same time!!

We met at Two Jack Lake and the boys got to explore a bit and we traded photos back and forth. I love getting photographed by other photographers for the sole reason of getting to watch them work! It’s so inspiring to see how they pose and interact. I always learn so much!! And unfortunately for them, I’m the most awkward photo subject ever, but they rocked my awkwardness haha.

Mikey and Samantha, it was SOOO good to see you guys again and meet your boys! I am so glad it worked out! :) Hope to see you sooner than 2.5 years!







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