Brandon and Laura: Saar Bank Wedding Photographer


Guys! The BLOG IS BACK. And with a wedding I’ve been excited to post since the day I photographed it. I’ve been sitting here with the photos ready for a few hours trying to find the right words for this day! (You can read about Brandon and Laura and the beginning of their relationship and how I know Laura HERE)

Laura is one of the most intentional people I’ve ever met. Nothing is surface with Laura, she dives right into the deep and does so in such an authentic way that you can’t help but feel relaxed, welcomed, and heard around Laura. She genuinely is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. She uses golden as one of her marketing words in her own photography business and it truly is the best word to associate with her. I am inspired every time I spend time with her and I am so grateful I get to call her a friend.

Her wedding day to Brandon was incredible. It was everything a wedding should be. Focused on the beginning of a marriage, surrounded by the people who mean the most to them. When their caterer fell through just weeks before, they ordered pizza instead, choosing not to let the stress of wedding details seep into their journey towards marriage. And let me tell you, the guests were STOKED. Who doesn’t love pizza?!

Laura blogged her wedding LONG before I have, so I wanted to link to hers as she is such a gifted writer and her description of their day is just beautiful! Read it HERE!

And for those who would rather stay right here and continue scrolling, here’s a snippet of what she had to say about her day!!



“Before we got engaged we knew God was speaking the word “simple” over our relationship:

Keep things simple.

If it’s not simple, don’t do it. If it’s simple, full steam ahead.

It’s how we gauged whether wedding details were worth the effort, when to pivot our original plans, and how to stay focused on what was most important. Preparing for a life-long marriage always won over planning a one day wedding.

There’s so much to share about the time leading up to our wedding (our engagement! my depression! all the planning details!) and even on the day itself, but I found one of the most profound aspects of everything was our community & their support for us.

It had always been my dream to have a wedding that was put together not just by us but by the people we call on for the rest of our “life moments”, too. The ones who celebrate with us when things are going extraordinarily well and hold us up when life is difficult. These are the people I ask for help with things much smaller than a wedding, so asking for help with this gigantic thing seemed natural.

As someone who leans “independent” more often than I should, it’s a wonderful practice in humility – not to mention kindness towards myself – to reach out when I know I can’t do it all on my own. It’s something I’ve learned to do over many years, but, in this particular season, dealing with depression also demanded it of me. In return for me asking, I was reminded of how well I’m loved. How well Brandon & I are loved.

And we asked for help with practically everything. The days (and weeks!) leading up to the wedding were full of people asking and being asked to do things, with me handing those things off completely & without worry. We asked women I knew understood the importance of a meal at a gathering to help with dinner, the ultimate coming together of hearts & hands to feed our people as we all celebrated together. The deep joy I found in asking these women to make one big family meal & have them respond with a resounding YES is something I’m going to cherish forever.

We wanted it to be relaxed, laid back, & golden in every way, a representation of what we want our married life (our hearts! our home!) to be like. God provided, the weather was impeccable, & the last minute decision of ordering pizza when our caterer fell through a week out was one of the best we made.

Simple, y’all. Keep it simple”



Brandon and Laura, THANK YOU for asking me to photograph your day. It meant the world to me!! Love you!!!

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