Chilliwack River Engagement Photos: Paul and Kelsey

I met Kelsey back in highschool just a few short years ago ;) She was in the same grade as my sister, and played baseball with both her and my best friend! I always thought she was so bubbly, down to earth and so amazingly gorgeous!!

I met them for coffee a few weeks ago and it was soooo great to catch up and meet Paul!! Kelsey is just as stunning as she was in highschool and seems even happier! We planned to do their engagement photos along the Chilliwack River and the weather DELIVERED big time! The sunset was stunning!!

When we arrived I was shocked at how many cars there were. In the many years I’ve been going there I have never seen that many cars there. It was PACKED! There was so many people having picnics, splashing in the water with their dogs, and even swimming. There was also a HUGE group of highschool kids having a balloon release at sunset for a fellow classmate they had lost. It was an honor to be able to grab some photos of the balloon release at sunset for them to include in their yearbook and to have as a memory. It was a very cool moment and everyone there paused to watch the balloons rise.

Being so busy, it pushed us to head along the river further than I’ve ever explored before and it was so worth it. I love when obstacles force you to try something new and that something new turns out so much more amazing than what you had originally planned! Kelsey hopped out of the car in flat flip flops but changed in to her stunning stilettos and happily trekked along the rocks and up on logs like nobody’s business! My kinda girl!

Paul and Kelsey brought their dog for the end of the photos and their entire session was just a relaxed exploration along the river. It was so perfect! I can’t wait to see what these two’s wedding brings!!






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