Moraine Lake Proposal Engagement Photographer – Kevin and Megan

Kevin emailed me back in February asking if I photographed proposals and if I would be up for meeting him and his girlfriend Megan in Banff for a surprise proposal. It took me all of 0.3 seconds to email back YES! Along with a series of excited questions, and we set up a date to skype!

I instantly loved Kevin! He was so easy to talk to and the way he talked about Megan made me even more excited for the proposal! And then he showed me the ring and asked if I thought she would like it and I assured him that any girl would LOSE HER MIND over the ring. It’s STUNNING!

We went back and forth on a plan of how it would work without Megan figuring it out and we finally nailed down a plan.

So the day after Canada Day, I headed to Moraine Lake with Marco and the kids. We explored the lake for a bit and then headed up to the lookout to enjoy the view and wait for Kevin and Megan to arrive.

When I saw them walking up it was SO HARD not to grin like an idiot at them. Anyone who knows me, knows that every emotion I’m feeling shows right in my face and I am the worst actress on the face of the planet. But I managed to maintain myself miraculously! They sat down next to me and I heard them chatting about the view and then Kevin asked her if they should ask someone to take a photo of them.

He asked me and I of course agreed. I then suggested a spot that was just down around the corner (a HUGE thank you to the family who loitered in the spot so no one else took it and then conveniently evacuated the spot as we walked down!) that wasn’t as busy and had a more open view of the mountains. I led them down, took their photo and then slooooowly walked away. At this point Kevin asked Megan to turn around, spread her arms out and he would take a photo of her! Little did she know, he wasn’t pulling out his phone, he was pulling out a little blue box!

She turned around and her reaction was priceless!!  She of course said yes and they had the BEST hug. I went over to meet them both officially, and say CONGRATS!!

Kevin then told her he had another surprise up his sleeve. He had brought two outfits for her, one of them a dress his Mom bought for her, and a pair of shoes he had bought for her that she’d had her eye on for awhile and that I was there to photograph their entire engagement session around Moraine and then ending at Lake Louise!

It was amazing! To photograph a proposal and then the engagement photos was so magical! The glow and surprise and the excitement of being newly engaged shone through and Megan kept grinning randomly and burying her face in Kevin’s chest with a big hug. It was so cute watching how excited and happy she was!

These two are so special! I connected with them immediately and I’m so sad they live all the way in Texas cause who knows when I’ll see them again! I left them with strict instructions to stay in touch and I can’t wait to hear where life takes them!


Kevin and Megan, THANK YOU so much for inviting me along for this day! it was so special to me and I loved getting to know you both!






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