Singletree Winery Wedding: Matt and Marlee, Abbotsford Wedding

Marlee’s first email to me was full of so many exclamation points and so much excitement, I knew I would love her on the spot….and I did! It’s not hard to love this girl. She has this HUGE smile on her face all the time and she is so full of laughter and she lights up whenever she talks, no matter the topic. Matt is the strong silent type, but oh the way he looks at Marlee!


I met the two of them at Singletree Winery for some wine tasting as we went over their day of itinerary (which was the greatest thing ever!!) and I fell in love with their venue! It was the wineries first full fledged wedding on the property and I was so excited to be a part of it. It’s a family run winery in Abbotsford, and it felt like I’d driven out of Abbotsford and onto a winery in Italy or California.

The day of the wedding was AMAZING. The girls welcomed me into their morning with open arms! Marlee was so calm and relaxed and when she finally slipped into her dress everyone went silent! She made such a stunning bride!

We headed to Singletree and she got to see her parents, and their reactions were priceless. So many emotions, and hugs and tears. The ceremony was set on the winery lawn and between the scenery and the lighting and the couple it was perfection!

We explored the winery for photos and these two should seriously be super models. They were so relaxed and focused on each other! I love venues where we don’t have to leave the property because it helps keep things so relaxed. They had planned enough time for photos to go for a walk and really enjoy that first hour of being husband and wife before heading back and celebrating with their guests, who were enjoying an amazingly decorated cocktail hour at a winery :)

Their decor was simply the best. It suited them so much and although I may be slightly biased, their table numbers were BEAUTIFUL. (My amazingly talented sister, Monique, drew them all for her! And yes she’s taking orders for more! #shamelesssisterplug) And pickles for wedding favors?! best ever!

Matt and Marlee, I had the best time getting to know you two, and sharing in your wedding day! It was absolutely amazing!! Love you two!






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