South Bonson Community Centre Wedding: Jason and Alyssa

Every once and awhile there’s a couple that comes along that blows you away. There’s something about them that just sticks in your mind and your heart and you just fall in love with them! One of those couples for me and Jessica was Jason and Alyssa!

The first time I met them for coffee, I instantly loved them. It felt like I’d known them for years. She was newly pregnant and so excited to be a Mom and to have their daughter be a part of their wedding!! Jason works on the railway and I learned more about trains than I ever knew before and probably annoyed him with my many many questions! Alyssa and I talked about our mutual deep love of Grey’s Anatomy, and somehow we ended up on the topic of pizza, and Jason shared his IMPRESSIVE personal best. He wracked up a $1000 pizza tab in one month while working up North. My husband is still to this day so impressed! (and envious haha) Our conversation lasted almost two hours and hopped all over the place. I loved every minute of it!

Their wedding day was straight up a magical fairytale. And I am not exaggerating. Both Jessica and I fell madly in love with these two even more. Their wedding was simple and stunning and focused entirely on these two. To be totally honest though? These two could have had zero decor and it still would have been one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to. I have never before in my life witnessed two people SO in love. The way they talk to each other, act around each other, look at each other, kiss each other. Seriously. Jessica and I still joke about the fact that we both went home and got mad at our husbands for not loving on us more haha.

Their ceremony had all of us in tears. Jason couldn’t turn around to look at her walking towards him because he was so emotional. His groomsmen finally convinced him to turn, and he was all tears. It was one of my favourite reactions ever to a groom seeing his bride for the first time!

They radiated happiness together all day long. But it wasn’t cheesy, or forced. Even when no one was around them or watching them, they would still be found, huddled together, whispering to each other with their foreheads touching. We overheard Jason whisper to Alyssa at one point “You are just so beautiful.” and both Jessica and I sighed. When we told them to kiss for a photo, it was a solid hands on face, deeply romantic kiss, followed by tickles and laughs because they’re so goofy and lighthearted together too! Even when we didn’t ask them to kiss, they’d steal kisses exactly the same way when they thought no one was looking! Jason would then make a goofy face and she’d laugh and get a tiny bit embarrassed…it would make her cheeks redden a little, but her eyes were always dancing with laughter.

They had the most stunning sunset ever after a day of mixed clouds and we headed down to the trail by South Bonson Community Centre and did some sunset photos along the river! It was incredible!!

Jason and Alyssa, both Jessica and I meant what we said, we want to just hang out and be friends with you guys! Family bbq?

Thank you SO much for having us both as a part of your wedding. It is one we will both remember and talk about for years! You two have something so special together and it was so inspiring to watch you two together, and to watch you parent your daughter! She is one lucky little girl to have you both! :) We love you guys!!




















































































Reason #1065 why I love them. haha he photobombed while she was twirling, and then he grabbed her veil and wanted a twirling photo of himself haha!!























Thank you Jess for being the best second shooter ever!!







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