January 28, 2016

Conn and Francesca: Burnaby Wedding Photographer

Conn and Francesca got married last October in Burnaby and I am WAY behind on blogging! haha so far in fact they’re already pregnant with their first baby!! ;) Their wedding was FUN. I know fun is a relative term, but it’s the only one I can think of to explain it. A sentimental Italian woman married an Irishman. Not to draw on any stereotypes but the ones that come to mind were true and SO SO FUN. There was so much wholehearted laughter, so many hugs, and ridiculously amazing ideas for goofy photos. There was alcohol present throughout the entire day, and goofiness was encouraged! It was amazing!

Langley Wedding Photographer (19)

Francesca is a sentimental to the core. I met her many many years ago when we went to highschool together for grade 8 and 9. I had always adored her but we lost touch other than on Facebook for a few years.  She has a big personality and an even bigger heart. She is one of those women that you instantly notice when you walk into the room….she may not be the tallest ;) but she’s the one with the massive smile on her face, talking animatedly and making everyone around her feel welcome and loved.

Conn is exactly the same! I liked him instantly and could see why Francesca adored him! These two are magic together. They are so passionate about each other and they love every minute of the life they are building together.

I love meeting the wedding party because I find it says so much about the couple and who they are as people for who they choose to be in their wedding party. Conn and Francesca’s was filled with lifelong friends and family who had the most abundant amount of love for these two. Their friendships were the easy, relaxed, goofy and deep kind, the kind that only comes from knowing someone for years.

Their reception was full of good food, and dancing. Everyone piled onto the dance floor! There was kids everywhere just giving every dance move their everything. Francesca’s Nonna was making rounds with homemade Italian desserts, and the Irish Whiskey bottles were floating around.

Conn and Francesca, it meant the world to me to get to be a part of your day! Marco and I had the BEST time and I wish we could do it all over again!!! I can’t WAIT to meet Baby when he/she arrives!! Love you two!

Conn’s Mom was the best…and she so obviously ADORES her kids. She partied with them every chance she could and they adore her right back!

Their wedding favours were Italian Biscotti and Irish Breakfast tea :)


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