Andrew and Stephanie: Pitt Lake BC Engagement Photographer

Pitt Lake Engagement Photographer (7)

Andrew and Stephanie drove all the way from Spokane, WA for their engagement photos at Pitt Lake BC! They drove over 18 hours in ONE weekend! I was BLOWN away and so excited to meet them!! I had slowly fallen in love with Stephanie over email the few months before as we talked about their elopement wedding on the Sunshine Coast next September. I knew she was my kind of girl when she asked about clothing options and then ended her email with red or white? I gave her some slightly confused answer about the pros and cons of red and white clothing in engagement sessions and she replied back, “Nooooo red or white WINE!” haha how did I of all people miss that?! Despite my silliness, she surprised me with a wine tote and a bottle of AMAZINGLY delicious wine after their photos :) It was meant to be!

As soon as they both got out of the car, I knew we were a great fit! Stephanie is TALLLLL! And she has the biggest smile on her face constantly! She is so easy to talk to and one of those people that seems so genuinely happy you can’t help but be happier around her. I can see where she gets it from too. Her Mom came along as chauffeur for the photos and I loved her just as much as Stephanie! They are both amazingly beautiful women inside and out!

Andrew is just as lovable and just as easy to talk to! He is a veteran of the US Military, and we got a few ring photos of Stephanie’s engagement ring leaning against the bracelet/arm band (not sure of the manly term) that he left for her when he went away.

With Andrew being American, and Stephanie being Canadian, they wanted to incorporate some part of their countries into the photos, so they decided on massive flags! I LOVED it!! They ended up being some of my favourite photos of the two of them!!

Andrew and Stephanie! I am unbelievably grateful and SO excited that you chose me to be a part of your engagement and wedding!! I LOVED getting to know you guys better and can’t believe I have to wait until September to see you both again!




Mike and Nicole: Chilliwack River Wedding

Chilliwack River Wedding (19)

The morning of Nicole’s wedding was beautiful. The girls were bustling around her parents house and Nicole was quiet and reserved. She seemed nervous and you could tell she was in a bit of pain still from a car accident she had been in only a week before. Her two bridesmaids are amazing, the kind of friends any girl would want by her side on their day. They made sure she had everything she needed. Nicole’s Dad had a vision of where he wanted the dresses hung, and even took down their hanging baskets so his daughters dress could be hung in his yard. I have to admit he was right! haha the lighting was amazing and they dresses fluttered in the wind.

The ceremony focused on the beginning of their marriage and how blessed they were to have found each other. Nicole’s nervousness and quietness vanished the minute she saw Mike! She relaxed into an almost giddy happiness that never left! I can’t tell you how much I LOVE to see that! Men and women focusing their entire day on the beginning of their marriage adventure who are just so excited to be marrying each other that they can’t stop laughing together!

We did their photos down at the river and Nicole BLEW me away. She was in a fair amount of pain and she still walked down and out onto the uneven rocks in MASSIVE heels for her photos. She was SUCH a trooper. Mikes arm never left hers and he kept so close to her to make sure she was doing ok.

These two were such a blast! They sang wholeheartedly as they danced to their first song, and Nicole wiped away tears as her Dad danced her around the floor.

Mike and Nicole THANK YOU so much for having me as a part of your day! It meant so much to me to watch you two start your marriage!! CONGRATS!!!


  • A HUGE thank you to my amazing second shooter Dan! You rocked it as always :)





Derek and Chantelle: Sanctuary Gardens, West Kelowna Wedding

This wedding was a super special one for me, and every single aspect of it was perfection! It was intimate and so full of emotion. The decor was simple and stunning. And my favourite part was that I’ve never seen two people MORE excited to marry each other!

Hotel Eldorado Wedding (36)

I have known Chantelle since highschool. I graduated a year ahead of her, so we lost touch a bit afterwards, but she would send me facebook messages every so often and vice versa to see how the other was doing. Chantelle always would add in a line about how much she couldn’t WAIT to be engaged so I could do her photos for her one day! I was THRILLED when I saw on facebook that Derek had proposed and had my fingers crossed she was still hoping for me to do the photos! I got to fly out to Alberta to photograph their engagement photos in Canmore and it was AMAZING! We explored the mountains, caught the sunset and ended the night at the local pub for beers :)

Chantelle was one of those brides who kept in touch during the entire planning process. She sent me photos of her dress, and messaged me photos the day she got her shoes in! We talked about her decor and I helped her find a wedding planner! (YAY Bethany!) It meant so much to me to feel included in the planning of her day!

The morning of their wedding was so relaxed. Sun was streaming through their windows, as the guys opened their gifts and laid out their ties. The girls had champagne, and a starbucks mug labelled “The bride” and the most cherished women in Chantelle’s life surrounded her as she stepped into her dress. And brace yourselves…Chantelle is STUNNING. Like movie star stunning! She reminds me of Charlotte from Sex and the City! (who happens to be marrying a James Bond look alike!)

Their ceremony was ridiculously amazing. Seriously there’s no other words! Sanctuary Gardens is incredible! The ceremony site overlooks Okanagan Lake, and a harpist played music as the guests mingled and took in the view. Derek looked so calm and ready to see Chantelle!

I have NEVER seen two people bursting with emotion more than these two! They wore their hearts on their sleeves and you could just see the JOY on Chantelle’s face as she listened to and said her vows. It made my heart so happy to see them so totally focused on each other, so overwhelmingly happy that they got to marry each other!

The rest of their day was just as magical. Their first dances at sunset were filled with tears and their speeches were so filled with love and admiration for what Derek and Chantelle share!

Derek and Chantelle, it meant the world to me to be a part of your day!! I loved every single minute of it and am so grateful you chose me! :)

Love you two!! xoxo


Scott and Kara: West Kelowna Engagement Photographer

“We recently just went to California for spring break and he proposed at Disneyland through a caricature drawing infront of hundreds of people! Never in a million years did I think he could pull off a proposal like that!”

As soon as I got Kara’s email I knew I wanted to meet them  both! And see the infamous caricature drawing that got her to say YES!

I didn’t get to meet them in person until the very day of their engagement photos at the Gellately Nut Farm in West Kelowna. Now firstly let’s talk about my love affair with this place! It’s one of my favourite spots in the Okanagan! Yes, it’s just an old tree farm, but the history and how stunning the rows of slightly overgrown trees are is just my favourite!! If you go there in the Fall you can actually collect nuts too! :)

SO I was slightly nervous on the drive to the Nut Farm having not met these two before. Would they be as awesome as they sounded in email?! They were better!! They were so easy to talk to, and I loved hearing their engagement story in person! Kara said she thought the artist had made a mistake at first and she was about to look at Scott with a look on her face, when she noticed he was down on one knee!! She was COMPLETELY blown away!!

Kara has the BIGGEST and brightest smile ever, and she couldn’t stop laughing!! I loved seeing these two so happy together! I can’t wait for their wedding in Penticton in May!! :)




Andrew and Nexxis: Hotel Eldorado, Kelowna Wedding Photographer

Andrew and Nexxis are an inspiring couple. They met and had a daughter while still in highschool and earlier this year had a second daughter and together they planned their dream wedding surrounded by their closest family and friends and celebrated their family of 4 every chance they could.

Hotel Eldorado Kelowna Wedding (9)

I met them at the Hotel Eldorado in Kelowna which is an AMAZING heritage hotel. It was built in 1926 and has retained all of it’s stunning character. It overlooks Okanagan Lake and is one of my favourite venue in Kelowna! The girls getting ready room smelled like hairspray, perfume and was an filled with overwhelming bursts of laughter that I could hear as soon as I got off the elevator. There was food and wine going and everyone was bustling around getting ready.

The guys were a totally different story. haha, as they usually are. They were relaxing out front of the hotel, beers in hand, waiting to be told where to be next.

The ceremony was on top of the El’s new rooftop patio! It is absolutely STUNNING! You get a full 360 degree view of the lake and the city of kelowna!! They had custom sunglasses made for all their guests to wear as they witnessed them saying I do!

Andrew and Nexxis had a day so full of love. The speeches were so touching and every single person there shed a tear and burst out laughing many many times. It was so special to get to be a part of it!

A HUGE thank you to my husband Marco, for second shooting and to Krista of Mosaic Party and Event Design for her amazing decor! The room has never looked so pretty!

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