March 8, 2018

Fort Langley Wedding: Mat and Stacey

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I’ve known Stacey since college! We played volleyball together and she was always one of my favourite people to see at practice! She is always so cheerful and always has a smile on your face! Every time you see her, she seems genuinely so excited you’re there! It’s easy to see why her wedding party was full of amazing women so excited to see her get married.

Mat is equally incredible. He’s one of the most positive people I’ve ever met, and it’s so contagious. The joy he has in being with Stacey and a Dad to their son just pours out!

Put these two together and it’s another long list of synonyms for incredible and amazing. They have the kind of relationship that seems effortless. They laugh so easily together, tease each other constantly and they truly seem like best friends.

Their wedding was BEAUTIFUL. It was simple, and elegant and so full of love. Mat’s Dad has since passed, so Stacey surprised him by putting a sign on an empty chair in memory of him. Mat had a hard time holding back the tears when he saw it!! The ceremony was a mix of tears and laughter, especially watching their son witness them get married! He was a mix of curiosity and a mix of performance haha. He would stare up at his parents and then twirl across the stage! It made it that much more special that he was such a big part of it!

The reception was full of love and support for the two of them and their son, and it was amazing to witness!! And the food! oh the food! it was so delicious!! They surprised everyone with a late night poutine food truck snack out in the lawn!! It was so fun to see everyone beat the heat outside as it cooled down and mingling and sharing big bowls of poutine! There was a big group of Volleyball alumni there and it was so fun to see everyone and we got a group photo of all us girls!

Mat and Stacey!! Thank you so much for having me as a part of your day!! It meant so much to me to get to spend the day with you guys and see how happy you guys are together!

A huge thank you to Dan for kicking ass as my second shooter that day!! He rocked the guys getting ready photos!! :)



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