January 31, 2018

Langley Backyard Wedding: Matt and Kelly

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Matt and Kelly are goofy, quick to laugh and so easy to talk to. They are avid country music fans and they adore their two dogs! They love the outdoors, drinks by the edge of a lake (or edge of a boat!) and travelling.

They wanted a laid back, relaxed backyard wedding with just their closest friends and family. They put HOURS of work into her parents backyard to get the landscaping done in time to be able to get married in their gazebo and the difference in how it looked when I saw it in November vs July was amazing. It was beautiful! The high trees surrounding the property kept the heat away and their bbq dinner made it feel like the perfect mix of backyard bbq and intimate wedding.

They did a first look under the gazebo before guests arrived and then hid away! They wanted to save the drinks hour for mingling and playing lawn games with their guests! The BBQ had been going all day and the smell was incredible and so was the food!!

Their entire wedding was relaxed and it truly had a long weekend celebration feel. Everyone was in party spirits!! And their details!! Ohmygosh Kelly put so much work into the details and decor. She made it look much more than just a backyard bbq! My favourite idea she had was to get everyone to put their bottle caps into either the BRIDE or GROOM container for who takes the cake in the face later….I had to leave before it officially happened, but I did hear Kelly took the cake :)

Matt and Kelly, thank you so much for having me as a part of your day! I loved getting the blogpost together and going through your photos again! Made me miss the sunshine and summer even more!! Loved getting to know you both!!




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