June 15, 2014

Meet my Dad.

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Meet my Dad. He’s the best. Really. I know everyone says that about their Dad, but mine honestly is.

For starters he’s funny. He can’t drive by a field of hay without calling out “hey!” to which all of us always replied “what?!” and he would point and say “hay!” He’s the king of Dad jokes. I think that’s where I get my corny, cheesy sense of humor from!

He’s particular. Some would say anal….okay all of us say anal, but for today we will go with particular. He likes his things just so. Everything a certain way. Growing up in a military family will do this to you, as well as being in the army yourself. It also gives you the ability to jump out of planes….with a teeny tiny parachute. My Dad did this. More than once! So really he’s like Superman.

He’s also who I give credit to for making me so sentimental. I know when the Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup next year, he will cry. The thought of being up at Manning Park camping gives us both goosebumps and we can’t stop grinning. We often tell each other how many days, or months there are until Christmas. Many sentences begin with “hey, at this time in 4 months we will be opening presents” Or “At this time in 3 weeks we will be up at Manning roasting marshmallows.”

He’s also the one who forces me to take notice of things. Who tells all his stories the long way. Who loves to take anyone who comes over on tours of his garden, naming off the plants one by one. He cuts up veggies standing on one leg, he always throws the tea towel over one shoulder when he does the dishes, he does victory laps around the coffee table with Montreal scores, he used to comb all my hair backwards after a bath when I was little, he always took us for Sunday walks whether we wanted to or not (and we always had a good time), “hot spoon”, “pinch-punch-first of the month”, he can name any capital city anywhere in the world, country, province you name it…he does geography quizzes online to practice, I swear his favourite book is an atlas (or the never ending military series he’s always reading!), he used to watch the opening scene of Top Gun at full volume when we were little but not the rest of the movie, I know the names of a few fighter jets from listening to him point them out for years, he drove me to every single club volleyball game and practice growing up, walked me down the aisle at my wedding, danced with me even though he had the worst food poisoning he’s ever had and was so drugged up on gravol, and he is the BEST Papa to my kids I could ever ask for!

The little memories I have with my Dad are some of the best ones I have. I am so grateful to have him and I can’t wait for many many more years of memories.

Happy Fathers Day Dad! I love you! :)



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