May 15, 2017

Pitt Lake Engagement Photographer: Nick and Dana

Nick and Dana’s Pitt Lake engagement photos are finally hitting the blog. I figured I shouldn’t keep them to myself any longer ;)

Dana went to highschool with my younger sister, so I knew her already and had seen it on facebook that she had gotten engaged, secretly hoping she would message me about photography because I have always loved her! When she did message I was SO excited!! I met her and Nick for coffee and dessert and loved him too!! We chatted about wedding plans and caught up on the last few years since highschool….it’s only been a few ;)

When we started planning their engagement photos, we had a few location ideas but they both loved Pitt Lake! So I met them at their house and we drove out together! I love doing this so much!! Having your photos taken can be awkward and nothing warms everyone up more than hanging out in the car together for an hour catching up and hearing about wedding plans! We even figured out that Nick and I had some mutual friends! He’s a firefighter and I know a few of the guys from his hall!

These two are amazingly photogenic. 99% of my couples tell me they aren’t and it’s always a lie haha. These two are so comfortable together and so relaxed. We hung out on the dykes, and hiked out to the middle of a frozen field, and stood on ice….all with Dana in full heels! I love how adventurous they were and totally up for anything! Nick is so loving and goofy with Dana and Dana just lights up when he’s around! They laughed so much together and even had a few sentimental moments (my FAV!!). I love getting to see couples together before their wedding day and these two are just such a natural fit!

Nick and Dana I can’t WAIT for your wedding!!!

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