April 10, 2018

Workshop: Kitchen Table Creatives!!

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5 years ago I hosted my first workshop and had over 20 attendees. I loved it so much, but afterwards I had this overwhelming feeling of being let down. I barely got to talk to anyone personally, I barely got to get to know any of them, I had no idea if what I taught them actually helped. I love teaching, but I’ve learned over the last few years that I much prefer a more intimate style workshop with less people there so I can really have a discussion and give them personal advice rather than blanket advice that doesn’t fit all.

I have been asked recently to host more workshops but wanted to wait until I could figure out how to do it the way I wanted. I was explaining to a friend what I was wanting and I spit out “I just want to have a few people come over and hang out around my kitchen table and lead discussions, tell them what’s worked for me, what hasn’t worked and what I’ve learned over the years!” and she replied, “So do that.” haha so I am.

Kitchen Table Creatives is going to be held a few times a year, and will be limited to 5 people because that’s how many fit around my kitchen table :) It will focus on how to brand your business and how to strengthen your brand recognition by specializing and focusing your marketing to attract only your ideal clients. We will talk about how to get more clients, how to price yourself competitively, and how I use social media to get more than half of my inquiries! We will end off with a discussion on how to get your business to the next level.


And of course there will be food! No creatives can work without food and coffee :) When you register just let me know if you have any dietary restrictions and I’ll make sure they’re taken care of! :)

Now the details!! 

When: Sunday, April 29

Where: My house! 

What time: 11-3pm

What should I bring? – Just you!! I’ll have notebooks, pens, food, coffee and a laptop to pull up any websites we need! 

How much? – $325

Questions? Want to register? Want to just say hi? Email justine@justine-russo.com 

I can’t WAIT!! :)




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