Abbotsford Couples Session: Jason and Kim

I LOVE these two! Like serious couple crush on these guys! I met Kim a few months ago when she signed up for my “Walk through engagement workshop” at my house! We were instagram photographer friends already and I was excited to meet her in person! I instantly fell in love with her! She’s so stylish….and her hair is amazing!! I really felt we should be friends and hang out haha.

A month or so after the workshop, we started emailing and then texting about doing a couples session for them!! We met in Abbotsford and found some lupines and the sun set and it was amazingly gorgeous!! I loved getting to meet Jason, and he’s just as awesome as Kim is!!

I love photographing couples at every stage of their relationship but there’s something about married couples that is so fun. They’ve reached a whole new level of being relaxed around each other and there’s years of inside jokes that get brought up to make each other laugh! The lupines were covered in spit bugs so we got our legs covered in gross bug spit, but it was worth it!!

After their session, Kim text me and said we should hang out sometime and chat photographer and have wine (or BCCAA’s cause we are both gym goers) and I told her it had been my secret plan all along to make us friends haha.

Jason and Kim THANK YOU so much for letting me photograph you guys! You are the best! :)






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