Abbotsford Wedding Photographer: Jarius and Trisha

These two. (insert heart eye emoji!)

Trisha is a fellow photographer and I met her a few years ago at a Photographers Christmas party and embarrassed myself by gushing over her hair. But c’mon, it’s AMAZING hair, and I always always wanted red hair as a kid! Trisha is the biggest sweetheart  in the entire world. She’s warmhearted and loving with a hint of sass. She flirted with Jarius their entire wedding day and I even caught a photo of her winking at him during their portraits. Jarius is so down to earth, easy to talk to, and just as flirty back with Trisha! They took every chance they could to cuddle and kiss and have time together to celebrate!!

Family has always been the centre of Trisha’s life and after her Dad passed away a few years ago, it reinforced that for her. Their entire wedding was a testimony to her and Jarius’ families. Their ceremony was beautiful and it showcased how much a happy marriage relies on the support of those around you, and it showed so clearly how much these two are loved. The atmosphere of their reception was like a big family holiday dinner, it was impossible to tell who was Trisha’s family and who was Jarius’ family, they all blended into one big unit and the volume of laughter and talking was amazing.

Their reception was on the private property of a family member and Trisha said the barn before they got in there was filled with farm machinery and cobwebs. But with the help of their family and friends, and so many hours of hard work, they all transformed it into their dream venue. (Another testament to how INCREDIBLE their families and friends are!) It was STUNNING! It was everything they’d dreamed of and to see everyone cozied in as they did their first dance under the twinkling lights was very moving!

We snuck out for sunset photos and drove just down the road to sneak into a farmers field. The sunset was gorgeous!!! With their wedding being at the beginning of May, weather is so unpredictable and with a rainier April, that golden sunset was so welcomed!!!

After sunset photos, two of the guests at the wedding got up to say some words. As the majority of the wedding was mennonite, they had a few tips for the newlyweds on how to be thrifty. The asked for one of the groomsmen to volunteer his time for a demonstration. When one of the ladies pulled out a pair of scissors, laughter trickled through the room. It the turned to some shock and louder laughter as she cut off the pocket of his dress shirt. They explained that there are many more uses for a dress shirt to help it go further than just what it is. A cut out pocket could be used as a rag, or a cloth to was dishes. She then proceeded to cut off both sleeves, explaining how they could be used, and then she cut out a massive square out of the back of his shirt and explained it’s use as well. Everyone at this point is laughing so hard!! She then explained that even with these cut out areas, the shirt is still fully functional….just throw on a suit jacket and it covers all the cut out spots!

They then asked if any other men in the crowd had used similiar thriftiness with their dress shirts for the wedding and some of the men happily got up and showed off their cut out dress shirts!!!! Everyone was howling with laughter!!! It was hilarious!!!

Jarius and Trisha, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for having me as a part of your wedding. It was absolutely beautiful and it meant so much to me to see you get married!!! Can’t wait to see you next weekend for your day after session!!! (we couldn’t get too adventurous with their photos on their wedding day, so we are headed to the mountains for their day after session!!! I’m SO EXCITED!!)

























































































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