Mission Engagement Photos: Ryan and Jeannette

Ryan and Jeannette are probably two of my favourite people ever. Jeannette radiates JOY. That’s the only way I can explain it. She does everything to the fullest extent too. When she smiles, she SMILES. When she laughs, it’s a full belly laugh that makes you want in on the laughter too.

Within half an hour of meeting her and getting to know her, you can easily see why Ryan fell in love with her. Everyone else does too! Ryan is quieter, and less goofy, but Jeannette posted an amazing montage of images on his birthday that showed off his goofy, lighthearted side too!

I met the two of them in Mission and we went to their favourite walking spot along the river. It was STUNNING! The sunset was incredible and these two were a blast to hang out with! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that hard!! It was the best! I walked in the door after their shoot and told my husband, “I FRICKEN love them!!”

Stay tuned for their wedding photos in a few weeks!!! They’re EPIC.














































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