Banff Engagement Photographer: Brando and Julie

Brando and Julie instantly make you feel like close friends. They found me on instagram and after months of emailing back and forth, I headed out to Calgary to meet them!! They picked me up and we headed to Banff for their engagement photos!! Banff is so hard to pick one location, so we did a mini tour of a few spots! It was BEAUTIFUL! There was still so much snow but it was so warm! We were prepared with jackets and gloves and scarves but we didn’t need them once!! AND we had visitors at the end of the session!!! As we were driving back to Canmore we saw a herd of 8 elk! They were incredible!!!!

Brando and Julie are amazing together. They’re so relaxed, quick to laugh, and have no problems being goofy together! They are up for any adventure, even trekking through 2 feet deep snow to get to a spot, or slipping out onto a frozen lake for photos. I think at one point almost all 3 of us fell haha. We quickly fell into the conversation of close friends….our favourite TV shows, fishing, our families and mutual love of country music! How he loves to fish when she’s at work, which she loves cause then she doesn’t have to ;) And how she watches food themed movies and the food network while he’s at work! When she comes home late from work she eats gas station hot dogs in bed as he’s trying to go to sleep and it drives him nuts. I think I fell in love with them all over again when they told me that!!

They knew of each other in highschool and a few years later when BBM became really popular and available for all phones he added her. Remember that?! Everyone changed their facebook statuses to their BBM pin :) Her friends teased her that it was kinda weird that he added her! But they started chatting back and forth! I’d say it worked out! Go BBM!

Hearing these two talk about each other too is so amazing. ┬áBrando talked about how he fell in love with Julie’s eyes right away and she says she’s most proud of him everyday for who he is as a person and for how deeply he loves her. Every single time I asked them a question, he would turn towards her, cuddle, or rub her knee, or grab her hand and answer. He never stops engaging her either. He kept asking her about songs on the radio, or about her interests and how she was doing. It was the sweetest!! It’s so clear how much and how deeply he adores her!!

I think everyone knows how sentimental I am, and Julie is right there with me. Hearing her talk about how he proposed just warmed my heart! She said she was a bit of a brat! haha also where we are similar ;) They were in San Francisco and Carl (what they call the intense fog that settles over the city) had rolled in and you couldn’t even see the bridge. She kept wanting to go back, and was mad that he sent the cab away and didn’t make him wait, cause how long would they be really if they couldn’t even see the bridge?!?! She said there was also a super creepy tunnel behind them that was really creeping her out and she kept glancing back and asking questions and the poor guy kept trying to be romantic and start his proposal speech!

After their engagement photos we had beer and nachoes in Canmore and it was the BEST! Seriously, couples who open up about themselves and their relationship, let themselves be seen, are up for adventures and are willing to relax and be goofy for photos are my absolute favourite! They always end up being my most favourite photos!!

I can’t WAIT for your wedding next June!! I just wish it was sooner!! :)






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