Banff Engagement Photos – Gio and Christine

I’ve been to Banff in every single season and I have to admit that space between Fall and Winter is my favourite. It’s quieter and it has this magical just before Christmas feeling that just makes my heart happy. Not gonna lie, I am missing this place so much right now! My heart is definitely craving those mountains right now!!

Gio and Christine flew from Houston to Banff last November for a romantic getaway and engagement photos!! She wanted a Canadian look to their photos and she nailed it!! These two were an amazing mix of festive, cuddles, and adventure. Running through frozen fields covered in snow as Gio picked her up and spun her around. Their laughs were full hearted belly laughs and there were so many kisses and throwing of snow. Their session was so relaxed. We first met at Lake Louise and then drove back to Minnewanka and Two Jack Lake, stopping to run through a few random fields as we drove! We didn’t really have a set plan, we just drove and stopped wherever the day took us!

I was so sad to say bye to these two! They brought me a Christmas ornament from Houston, and after spending half the day outside we were frozen and my fingers were so numb, but my heart was so happy!!!

Gio and Christine, THANK YOU so much for having me photograph you guys in my most favourite place! I love sharing the magic of Banff with others, and it was amazing getting to explore it with you guys!!







































































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