Langley Engagement Photographer: Cody and Laura

I met Cody and Laura almost two years ago and we spent most of the coffee date talking about our favourite TV shows and books!! Their engagement photos were just as amazing! Hello sunset!!!! They were up for throwing leaves around and we talked even more about books and TV shows!! I got Laura hooked on the Outlander series! A book series turned TV series that one of my best friends got me hooked on in college!! Laura now has a whole group of friends that are hooked and get together to watch the show!!!

See? I can have a more positive impact on you life than photos ;) Like getting you and your entire group of friends hooked on the best book and TV series ever!

These two got married last month and I can’t WAIT to show you their wedding photos!!! They explored Disneyland for their honeymoon and I loved every minute of getting to know these two!!









































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