Brandon and Laura: Langley Engagement Photographer

This blogpost has been stalled for a few weeks as I tried to figure out what to write and how to do these two justice. Laura has such a special place in my heart. I met her YEARS ago at the beginning of both of our photography careers. She reached out to go for coffee and do some headshots for her. We connected instantly over both being huggers and a short coffee date turned into a half day deep conversation.

The years that followed were filled with many long coffee dates, wine nights, travelling to California for photography conferences, photographing weddings together, and my personal favourite…laptops opened on my kitchen counter with Taylor Swift playing, on our second or third cups of coffee working on new websites, blogposts, editing, you name it, all while having good deep rich conversations about life. Many of those conversations were about love and marriage. I remember her telling me about this blog post she was wanting to write. And then she wrote it. (Seriously READ IT! >>HERE) I remember her telling me that she was being patient. I remember her thinking out loud as she processed what was on her heart. I was so inspired by her patience, and her complete trust in God and His plan for her.

I went to visit her when she lived in Calgary for a year and got to spend a glorious weekend just visiting. Simple, sitting on the couch, eating good food visiting. The kind that leaves your heart so full and so happy!

At that point she had already decided to move back after being offered a job she couldn’t turn down. Again, inspiring me with her total trust in following what God was calling her to do. She moved back to Langley and met him. She had told me about him briefly and her first instagram post about him made my heart beam.

“It’s been quick but not rushed, his pursuit of me thoughtful & considerate & honest from the get-go. My cheeks hurt at the end of each day because smiling is a regular pastime when I’m with him. Incandescently happy seems to be an appropriate phrase to describe how this man makes me feel. What a gift he is & how grateful I am to receive him.”

The story of how Laura and Brandon got engaged is so inspiring to me and fills me up with so much joy. They focused on what really mattered. Starting their lives together. Keeping it simple. No fancy, showy spectacle ending with a huge surprise proposal, just a man in love asking his woman to be his wife.

Laura had been texting me prior to his proposal saying that they had been ring shopping and that they had ordered a custom designed engagement ring! It was beautiful! But things didn’t go as planned. The process of designing the ring got muddled, the design wasn’t quite right, and it left them feeling frustrated and anxious about a situation that should be filled with excitement and celebration!! They realized one morning, that the only thing holding the back from getting engaged was a ring. That’s it. So they decided, to switch things up a bit. Do things their way. The way that felt right for them. So they bought a simple gold band and got engaged!!

For their engagement photos, they wanted to relive their first date. (My sentimental heart was bursting! haha) Their SEVEN hour first date!! Five of those hours were spent walking around Fort Langley where Laura lived and stopping at the park, and roaming side streets and fields. So we walked around Fort Langley as the sunset. It wasn’t epic mountains, or stunning landscapes, it was so much better. Yes I love me some mountains and scenery that makes your jaw drop, but without a story, or people to add meaning to it, it doesn’t reach your heart.

I loved every minute of getting to finally meet Brandon, and photograph them together. And I definitely think it was a sign that we ran into many many dogs….two being golden retrievers! (To know Laura, is to know her love of dogs, especially the golden variety! She will stop and pet any dog that crosses her path… and if the dog isn’t going to cross her path, she’ll make divert her path so they do haha)

Getting to photograph these two was one of the highlights of my entire career! And I wish I had the art of writing that Laura does so I could properly put into words how much it meant to me! Laura, I love you so much and THANK YOU for trusting me with your story!


































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