Calgary Wedding Photographer: Mike and Heather

Heather and I should have crossed paths so many times in College, but weirdly we never did. She came into the coffee shop that I worked at all the time. She was the athletic therapist for the Volleyball team at our local college the year AFTER I left. Another one of my friends was in the same program with her! And she went to elementary school with my best friend and now second shooter!

But we never crossed paths! Crazy how there’s some people you run into all the time, and some people who you should see all the time, but simply don’t! I may be a nerd, but I love those idiosyncrasies of life!

Back to Mike and Heather ;) We photographed their engagement photos at Lighthouse Park at sunset….see them HERE!

Their story is one of my favourites too!!

They met online after her brother had encouraged her to put herself out there! He gave her the best advice, “Heather, it’s not weird. Women wait in life. They wait to get asked out, they wait to get married and they wait to have kids. It’s crap!” So she went home and made a profile. A week later, Mike reached out to her!! He was drawn in by all her running photos! They went on a date a few days later, at the restaurant her brother worked at, so if things weren’t good, she had a back door to sneak out of haha.

Over dinner Mike mentioned he had never ran in a race before. On the spot they signed up for a race together, which meant they had to hang out for the next 6 weeks to train together! As Heather says, the rest is history. They’ve been travelling, cooking, baking and drinking together ever since!

For her 3oth birthday, they planned a trip to San Diego and Disneyland with a group of friends. On their last night of the trip, they went for a walk along the beach and he pulled out a ring and proposed!! The best part?! The ring had been hidden in one of his socks in their COMMUNAL backpack. She’d been carrying around her own engagement ring for the past two weeks!

These two love to workout together, Heather is a fellow weight lifter and I love how adventurous and warmhearted they are! They’re both quick to laugh and they light up around each other!!

Their wedding was AMAZING. The most relaxed morning of getting ready! The girls surrounded by good food and music. The guys got a mobile BARBER to come to them while they sat in lawn chairs and drank. The ceremony went off without a hitch and the reception was a straight up party. The dance floor was PACKED and the dance moves were epic. Seriously everyone rocked it!

We explored a few of their favourite spots in Calgary for their photos, and then ducked out for sunset photos (at around 10pm because in Calgary the sun sets sooo late!!) and it was a dream!!

Mike and Heather, THANK YOU so much for having Jess and I at your wedding. We loved it so much and can’t wait to come visit!





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