Langley Wedding Photographer: Mike and Casey

It is impossible to meet Casey and not fall in love with her. The first time I met her was over skype….and skype can be suuuper awkward sometimes, especially with someone you’ve never met before, ESPECIALLY when I am hoping they pick me to be their wedding photographer. Do you look at the screen the entire time? What do you do with your hands? Do you look at them? Or at the camera?  But with Casey it instantly felt like I was talking to an old friend. Her friendly smile lit up my computer screen, and we quickly bonded over a mutual love of Harry Potter! (We even planned a sneaky way to add it into her wedding decor! Check out the AWESOME table I got to sit at!!)

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Casey let’s herself be fully herself all the time. She doesn’t hold back. She’s goofy, silly, and warmhearted! She launches into good stories and is one of the easiest people to talk to ever! I LOVE that quality, especially in women! The confidence to just embrace who you are and to run with it! She had no problem giving me goofy smiles throughout the day!

Mike is the strong silent type, but you can tell by the friends he surrounds himself with that he has a goofy personality too! I can only imagine the fun these two will have in their lifetime together!!

These two chose THE MOST fun wedding party ever. The guys had rare moments of seriousness, seemed to be planning something mischeviously the entire time, and loved to bug Stephan, one of the groomsmen (and a past groom of mine!!!) by playing “Pokemon Go” every chance they got. My amazing second shooter Ashleigh hung out with them all morning and said it was nothing but fun!

The girls were equally amazing to spend the morning with!! Casey chose two flower girls and they both FULLY embraced their roles and their outfits. Not gonna lie I envied those tutu’s big time!! Her bridesmaids all had such vibrant personalities and their animated voices filled the house as they got ready. Each and every one of them LOVES Casey so much!

My favourite part of the entire day was the Harry Potter details Casey sprinkled throughout her day. From the framed quote of Dumbledore’s, to her Harry Potter Tattoo, to the AMAZING candy table she was surprised with, their “Mischief Managed” sign, the sign at the head table and the table I got to sit at…..Table 9 and 3/4! (They also got married the day before Harry Potter’s birthday which I am sure is a total coincidence ;) and headed to Chapters after their reception to pick up the copy of the new HP book!!)

Mike and Casey THANK YOU so much for having me and Ash as part of your day. It was a blast!!!!

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