Manning Park Wedding: Alex and Dominique

Everytime I post a wedding, I like to link it back to their engagement photos. Especially these guys. We drove out to Chilliwack Lake, which was the exact lake Alex proposed at! BUT when I went to look for their post, I NEVER BLOGGED THEM! WHAT?! I was shocked! I don’t know how they got lost in the blogging schedule! A. because they are an amazing couple! B. Their photos are some of my favourites and C. I was so excited to share of them!! So that is my excuse for this being the longest blog post ever!! And that I just love these two. So enjoy my epic engagement session meets wedding blog post!!

Alex and Dominique are straightforward, kindhearted and they know how to have a good time! They wanted a relaxed outdoor wedding surrounded by the wilderness, with a big party to celebrate after! Which was a perfect fit for me!! I love couples who prioritize time to relax and enjoy their day! It goes by so fast! The gorgeous little details throughout the day suited them and the location perfectly, and they got the big after party they hoped for!! The engraved axes to the bullet casing boutonnieres, her stunning pink floral belt,  the “party animal” table assignments, and the flags they had made for a newer take on the Shoe Game! It felt to me as close to perfect as a wedding can get!

Alex and Dominique had their first look out at the Strawberry Flats! The guys patiently waited and sampled beer as the girls got ready! There was more beer drinking after, and many many MANY suggestions to just cut down a tree with their axes. Thankfully all the trees remained intact, they just made nice holders for their axes during photos haha!

They had their ceremony at the Manning Park Corral, and it was beautiful!! It was private and tucked away from the road and other park guests, and surrounded by trees! Afterwards we headed to this big field surrounded by wetlands and mountains for family photos and it was perfect!!

We then headed out to Rainbow Bridge, an icon at Manning Park, and did some photos around the bridge, and by the lake! It was totally worth the walk out!! Their reception was the BEST! We felt like guests, and I laughed so hard so many times! One of the bridesmaids, Karen, was in my grad class and I hadn’t seen her since grad!! She hasn’t changed at all, except she’s added a handsome husband and an ADORABLE daughter to her family!! My second shooter for the day was Dan, and when I emailed Dominique his name for the seating plan, she emailed back that she knew him!! Him and Alex had graduated together so Dan knew half of the guests!! It made it that much more fun getting to visit and catch up with everyone!!

The highlight of the day for me, was when we drove up to the Cascade look out for “sunset” photos. It was cloudy and stormy looking but we decided it was worth it go to anyway, and oh my gosh was IT EVER. These are seriously some of my favourite photos from there and it was windy and FREEZING cold, but they rocked it anyway! I love so much taking time for the couple away from the reception! To take a breather, to relax again and take a few more minutes celebrating your new husband and wife status.

Before I write a novel, one more thing to say to show off how epically amazing and adventurous these two are….for their honeymoon they drove the Arctic Circle. (INCREDIBLE right?!?!) and in Dawson City they both tried the Sourtoe Cocktail. So badass.

Alex and Dominique, I don’t have enough words to properly say THANK YOU for having me as a part of your day!! Dan and I both felt so welcome, and like a part of the party!! Miss you guys already!!


Dominique had a stray thread on her dress, so Alex wipped out his pocket knife and cut it off!! #husbandgoals





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