Moraine Lake Proposal, Banff Engagement Photos: Luis and Monica

Luis flew his highschool sweetheart from Flordia up to Banff during Monica’s month off of school. They both love the outdoors, hiking, canoeing and exploring and had always wanted to see the Rocky Mountains!

Luis emailed me after seeing Kevin and Megan’s proposal and inquired about planning something similar!! I LOVE when guys plan in advance to surprise their girls. Especially when away somewhere this stunning on vacation!! We chatted back and forth for a few months about places to see while they were here, and the plan to keep the entire proposal a surprise!!

The day before they went for a hike at Moraine and the morning of the proposal they rented a canoe and explored!┬áThat afternoon, he convinced her to get all dressed up to go back to Moraine Lake to take a few selfies of them there with the lake as the background before going out for dinner!! It was getting a bit stormy, grey and it was starting to rain, and Monica is such a trooper for going along with Luis for his photo idea!! Jessica and I were waiting for them at the top of the lookout and pretending to be random tourists enjoying the view!! We sneakily started taking photos “of the lake” and when Luis got down on one knee it was hard to not cry!! Monica turned around and when she saw he was on one knee, she turned around towards the lake again as she held back tears!! She turned around again and couldn’t hold back her joy!!

After we went down to congratulate them, and FINALLY meet Monica! After talking to Luis about her for a few months it was so fun to finally meet her and have her in on the secret! We then spent the next while doing some engagement photos for them and photographing her gorgeous new engagement ring!!

Luis and Monica, THANK YOU so much for having me as a part of your proposal! It meant so much to me to be able to capture it for you and I am so glad we were able to keep it a surprise!!





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