January 31, 2017

Big Bar Ranch Wedding: Kyle and Lisa

When we drove off the highway for Kyle and Lisa’s Big Bar Ranch wedding we had to laugh. Lisa had warned us that the road in was a bit unkept and bumpy. She wasn’t lying. It was a gravel ranch road with more potholes than I’d ever experienced before. We lost reception about halfway there, so it was an adventure trying to find the right ranch!

I LOVE “local” destination weddings. The kind where you don’t have to travel far, but everyone gets to spend the weekend away. Especially if there’s fishing, canoeing, mountains and campfires involved. Kyle and Lisa are passionate about the outdoors and her Instagram is full of hunting, camping, sturgeon fishing, and quadding photos. I knew right away we would get along great :)

As we drove into the ranch, we were met with horses, cattle, a few sheep and dogs. I loved it right away. There was no cell service, so it truly was a weekend away from it all to celebrate! The entire weekend was amazing. From the food to the staff at the venue, to the guests who welcomed us right away around the campfire, to the wedding, it was absolutely stunning and we were so sad it went by so fast! Every meal we got to eat in the dining hall and it was fresh cooked by the staff and everyone sat at big wooden tables and ate together. I LOVED IT!

The night before we had arrived, Lisa said there had been the most spectacular Northern Lights show, so before we headed to bed, we went for a walk to see if we could see them and oh man did they put on a show again! It was amazing!

The morning of the wedding, I helped the girls set up the reception and Marco headed off skeet shooting with the guys! (I was a little jealous, I’ve always wanted to try it!) Lisa’s getting ready location was a dream! It was a rustic wooden cabin overlooking the lake! She did her makeup on the front porch because the lighting inside was so dark. All of Lisa’s details involved flannel, or cowboy boots, or some sort of country touch. She even had three flannel hearts sewn onto the bottom of her train to signify her, Kyle and their daughter.

They did their first look just outside the cabin, on the bluff overlooking the lake. The clouds were so stormy and it was GORGEOUS! Then we all convoy’d up to the ceremony site in a big line of trucks.

The ceremony was on an even higher bluff that overlooked the valley below and it was so intimate and secluded. It was perfect. We did some photos around the area after, before we drove down for dinner!

The reception was gorgeous! Elegantly decorated picnic tables, with so many flowers! They had an apple cider bar and a candy bar, and a big suitcase full of blankets for their guests. They had a smores bar down by the campfire, and enough drinks to last well through the evening! It was exactly what you would picture a ranch-backyard-elegant wedding to be like! Everyone danced, and cuddled by the campfire until well into the evening and morning hours!

Lisa and Kyle THANK YOU so much for having Marco and I up for your wedding weekend! It was so much fun and one we will remember forever! We felt so welcome and loved getting to share in all the festivities! Love you guys!

xoxoxo Jus

**Stay tuned for their morning after session hitting the blog next! They braved a foggy -6 sunrise at 7am the day after their wedding!!




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