June 26, 2017

Chilliwack Engagement Photographer: Aaron and Jana

Aaron and Jana are easily two of my most favourite people ever. Aaron, or as I’ve always know him “Flanagan” played Volleyball at UFV with Marco and me!  So we have many years of parties, road trips, camping in 70 Mile, fellow volleyball players weddings and BBQ’s under our belts!!

Jana is seriously a burst of sunshine. There’s no better way to explain her. She always beaming, and cheerful and up for anything. She is loving and loveable. I adore her! Aaron is goofy, caring and one of those guys you always want around. Put these two together and they’re pure magic.

I got to photograph them together before they got engaged when I was up in Cranbrook a few years ago for another Volleyball players wedding and seriously I just stood back and let them be themselves. They believe in cuddling every chance the get and they FULLY hug. There’s no half assing it here with these two. It’s fully in with them.

We met at the Vedder River and it was SO WINDY. Which I actually loved, it blew Jana’s hair around and made for the prettiest photos! They also came dressed as them….my ABSOLUTE favourite!!! He wore his Carhartts and she wore her purple hunter boots! I can’t express enough how much I LOVE when couples are true to them for their engagement photos and relax and are themselves together.

Without rambling on and on and on about how much I adore these two and how excited I am for their wedding in just a few weeks, here they are!!!




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