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May 15, 2017

Nick and Dana’s Pitt Lake engagement photos are finally hitting the blog. I figured I shouldn’t keep them to myself any longer ;) Dana went to highschool with my younger sister, so I knew her already and had seen it on facebook that she had gotten engaged, secretly hoping she would message me about photography […]

May 2, 2017

Finally! haha I didn’t think anyone would care who it was but I’ve had so many people asking who the mystery new person is! I am so excited to tell you! Mostly cause I am so excited for who it is! Before I let you in, let me backpedal a little bit. Two years ago, […]

March 27, 2017

We rescheduled their engagement photos three times because of POURING rain, and the day we finally did their photos, it fell in SNOW!! We met at the top of Sumas Mountain and I got to catch up with them! I know Stacey from UFV Volleyball and had met Mat a few times at Volleyball reunions […]

March 22, 2017

“And at the end of the day your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling” I met ┬ámy cousin-in-law and her fiance just outside Parksville for their engagement photos and was so excited to see them! Travis and Marisa are so adventurous! The weather forecast wasn’t looking super promising and it […]

March 2, 2017

Seb and Teagan are just about the cutest couple I’ve ever met. I’ve known Seb since he was one of the other boys on my brothers hockey team. We loved watching their hockey games and sitting with Seb’s parents! Today he is taller than me and madly in love with this AMAZING woman! Teagan, you […]

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